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If you own a business, you should know by now that offering a taste of what you have to give can really save you time and energy when it comes to gaining a new customer.

You let your product/service do the work for you by adding a bit of value into that potential client’s life. There is less convincing involved, more trust and a greater opportunity to do business.

Where it gets complicated though is how people decide to choose their free offer and making something that will actually entice your potential client.

Everyone has something to give for free, what makes you so special? What is so important about what you have for free that it will undoubtedly have people sign up to learn more?

Here are ways to create and pitch a flawless free offer that will quickly pay itself off.

1. Address a personal problem.

Everyone buys something because they feel like it will take away some sort of problem. This happens within even the smallest purchases.

“Oh, let me by this magazine so I’m not bored at the hair shop.”

“Let me get my nails done so I have more confidence this week.”

“I should hire a business coach so that my company has that special edge.”

People are constantly buying to prevent and ease problems they have in their life. When you have a free offer that caters specifically to a problem, you have people’s attention. For example:

“Sign up below for a free sample of our amazing, high-quality nail polish!”


“Need to stand out this weekend? Our brand new metallic coat will make you the life of the party! Sign up below now to get your sample!”

You see how in the second version the copy addresses a problem/need?

They are clearly speaking to a girl who wants to feel special and noticed when she goes out. They have the answer to that problem by offering her a sample of their special metallic nail polish.

People buy things to solve problems.

Think of your ideal client’s problem and create music for their ears in your copy.

 2. Create Urgency

If you are selling products or services (especially online) you need a reason for people to buy in that moment.

Why should they buy something from your online boutique if they know the same thing will be available in a few weeks at the same price?

Think about it.

When you’re out shopping and you see a beautiful piece that fits you perfectly and it’s the last one- your act of making a decision isn’t that complicated.

You know that if you leave the store- that’s it- you’ll never see that piece again. So you do what?

You buy.

How can you create that urgency in your own company?

Perhaps you can provide a coupon with an expiration date that encourages them to buy within twenty-four hours?

Also, let me make something clear…

You don’t want to ever pressure people into buying.

Some businesses do that and I find it to be in bad taste because it can cause a resentment for you or your brand later on.

You want to give more of a polite and clear-cut nudge. The energy of your offer should feel like this…

“Look- you’re on my site. I appreciate you stopping by. If you really like this then use this coupon to buy it now.”

Of course, you wouldn’t write that- but the point is to make sure that you are not forcing people into buying but rather giving them a decision to make. Either way it will work in your favor.


Because if they use your coupon/offer, you get the sale and if they don’t, they might regret it and remember to take advantage when your next offer comes.

Also, don’t underestimate the use of this powerful word that I’m about to give you.

I see it get so over looked when it comes to pitching an offer.


Use the word “now”.

People don’t like to think to hard when it comes to shopping.

If you help them along by using words that provoke action. You make it easier for them to come to a conclusion.  This way both of you will waste less of each other’s time.

3. Make your free offer good and tastefully lead it into your bigger offer

The worst “free offers” are the ones that feel like there wasn’t much value. How can you reserve the quality of your product or service in your free offer?

The whole point is to make the offer concentrated so that whoever experiences it, yearns for more.

This prospect just took the time to give you their information or their interest and you give them something watered down? No! Impress their socks off!

The last thing you want your potential prospect to feel after they try a sample or get your free cheat sheet is that it was crappy. This is your chance to impress the crap out of your potential client. Take advantage.

Also, keep reminding your potential client that only better things will come if they continue with a purchase from you! Get them looking forward to what else you have up your sleeve.

4. Follow Up

People lose out on so much money just by simply not following up.

It’s easy to forget how much people are living their own lives and are not concerned about your and your company, but it’s true. People have mouth’s to feed, errands to run and lives to live.

Your potential sale can easily be forgotten. Not because you are insignificant but because people have other sh*t to do.

How can you deal with this? 

With care and kindness of course.

“Dear Ms. Potential Client, 

I just wanted to check in with you since you tried my [insert free offer here] last week. I know you are super busy, so I figured we could schedule a five minute chat soon so that I can learn more about experience. Don’t worry, we can keep it quick. I just want to make sure you were happy with your experience. 


[Insert your name.]”

This is just one example of how you can follow up out of millions of ways.

You can have an automated email system set in place. You can have a secondary offer available.

The limits are endless. The point is to remind your potential client that you exist and that you want to make them happy.

Who doesn’t like emails that make them feel special?

That usually makes their day and provokes a feeling of wanting to engage back with you.


Use these four methods and you will begin to see improvements in how your free offer is taken and used.

The more time and effort you put into a good quality, free offer, the less you will have to work and sell your product aggressively in the future.

Let the quality of your work sell itself. 


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