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There’s this trend going around social media where people who claim to not like this or that post and talk about what they don’t like so much I find myself questioning the authenticity in the dislike.

If you don’t like something why give it any shine? It’s such a double negative and at the end of the day such a desperate cry for attention. Stop glorifying what you don’t like and support and showcase more of what you do. Nowadays people can make it hard for you to show your support.

If you like something too much you’re “doing the most.” If you don’t like something, you’re a hater. Liking or not liking something that others do or don’t means you have an opinion and there is nothing wrong with that. Listen BossBabes; never let anyone make you feel any type of way for having your OWN opinion. People are so negative its draining, and can cause you to spiral down a negative path subconsciously.

So I say to you do an assessment of who you follow on social media. If you notice majority of their post are about what they DON’T like, stop following them. You may think because you don’t interact with them its not affecting you, but it is. We believe and cultivate our thoughts on the things we see and hear. Let’s start a new trend BossBabes lets make support a sport and let’s outshine what they say they don’t like with all those things we do.

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