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What separates the ordinary from the extraordinary? What differentiates the superhero’s from the civilians? Their superpowers of course. Luckily, we all have superpowers within us. It might take a traumatic experience for our powers to evolve, or perhaps a down word spiral and there’s no way to go but up.  We’re all born with the power to do something great and it is our mindset that can take us wherever we want to go. So what are the 5 superpowers or traits that I have seen after studying some of the most inspirational millennial women out there today?

1) Adaptability

“Tell me about a time when you adapted to a difficult situation and how you did it.” If you’ve ever interviewed for a job you know that’s one of the most typical interview questions. Let’s be real; things almost never go as planned but the faster you learn to bounce back from a situation the faster you will move forward. You might not have to deal with it being your own boss but it’s definitely still something that everyone faces and the most successful people are masters of adapting to their environment or situation.

2) Resilience

Webster defines resilience as “the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens.”  We are all capable of bouncing back when we’re at what feels like our lowest point. Some days will feel unbearable but every successful woman had those days. The idea is to crumble and bounce back even harder than before by taking action and turning the situation around. Don’t forget you’re the one in control.

3) Sympathy

Growing up, how many times have you been told to walk in other people’s shoes; that in order to get along with others you must see things from their point of view? As women we can make what some would call our weaknesses our strengths. Our ability to sympathize is one trait we can utilize in both our personal and professional life.

4)   Intuitive

This one can be a little tough to master but that’s why spending time balancing your mind, body, and soul is so crucial especially in this day and age where we can be so easily disconnected. Harness those gut instincts, and use that self-awareness to guide you in the right direction.

5)   Confidence

Last but not least, the cliché “confidence is key.” Every woman’s confidence shines in a different light because we all have varying personality types and that’s okay. The idea is to embrace your version of confidence. You have it in you just as much as the incredible women you’re looking up to.

Article by Jasmine Mann.
Check out Jasmine’s website here and Instagram here.

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