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  1. You check your social media several times a day.

Not only is this bad for productivity it’s a really bad habit. It may seem like a small thing but overall the time wasted on social media adds up and takes away a lot of energy you could be putting towards something much more productive. Fix the little things to make the big things happen.

2. You spend more time making to-do lists than actually getting things done.

If you spend more time planning out what you are going to do than actually doing it than this might be a great reality check. Some people do this because they like to plan which is wonderful, but actually going out taking action will result in a lot more progress. We as women tend to overthink so it’s natural for us to ponder about all the things that need to get done but don’t let it overtake the amount you actually do or it will leave you feeling like you accomplished nothing. Create realistic goals and deadlines rather than lists of items that you know you can’t possibly finish.

3. You are not taking the time to align your priorities.

If you are spending more time working on things that aren’t important you are most likely holding back on the potential of something much more important. Prioritize the things you want to accomplish in order of importance to make sure you are spending more time no the important things.

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