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One of the main reasons why people fail when it comes to getting sufficient revenue is because they are simply marketing to the wrong people.

It’s kind of like buying fake followers. Sure, having all those accounts follow you may look promising, but is it getting you paid?

I mean, wouldn’t you rather have fifty people who really like your brand and what you’re selling be in your circle than five hundred people who could care less?

I will show you how to optimize your market audience so that you can talk to less walls and more interested prospects.

1. Get detailed research about your audience

Big companies spend millions and even billions in market research. The better you can understand your ideal client, the more money you will make. It’s just that simple. There are plenty of companies and people who specialize in doing market research.

You can do something as simple as hiring some one on Fiverr to get some interesting insights or go a little deeper and work with a company like Survata.

To check out market research deals on Fiverr, click here.

To learn more about Survata, click here.

2.  Send A Out Survey

Use a program like Wufoo or Google Forums to collect feedback on your customers and/or mailing list. To encourage participation, you can use some type of incentive like a coupon or info product to express your gratitude.

Don’t be afraid to ask some juicy questions!

You can ask more than just what age they are and where they live. Ask about their desires, where they shop, what they watch.

The more information, the better.

You can use the answers you get to help you get right to the root of the problems that your customers are having so that you can better serve them.

Of course, be tasteful in your inquiries. It usually helps to state that you promise confidentiality and express your appreciation. They are helping you out more than you know!

3. Plan A Feedback Meeting/Brunch

Plan a cute brunch or get-together with your old customers and potential new ones.

You can have a market research happy hour and ask your prospects questions while sipping mimosas. Again, because of their compliancy, it’s always nice to include a gift of some sort or another other kind of incentive to get them to share their opinions!

If you have an online business, turn into a digital event. Invite your mailing list and connect virtually.

Why is this option so awesome? Because you will stand out as business. How many other coaches, consultants or retail owners do you know go out of their way to schedule time to pamper and listen to their clientele?



The quality of care you will put into all of these things are promising. If you do them as states you will notice:

  • You will have more confidence when selling your product
  • You will be able to spot a new customer from a mile away
  • You will be able to write better copy by using language that applies to your ideal client
  • You will close more sales because you are better informed about what your ideal client needs

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