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Hands down, the best way to become a better salesperson is to hit the sales beat day in and day out. Another way to strengthen your sales chops? By infusing fresh skills into your system. Develop these skills and watch the money follow.

1. Get Good Copy!

Copywriting is the art of using the written word to sell and persuade. Whether you’re selling your ideas or your grandmother’s pound cake, copywriting will help you identify the patterns and triggers that elicit the emotional responses leading up to the sale.

Copywriting classes can be taken online, at a local community college, or at a workshop. (Here is a link to the copy writing classes they have on Udemey.) You can also teach yourself copywriting by studying the greats – Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy and Ash Ambirge are great starts. And the bonus? Copywriters are the highest paid writers in the industry.

BONUS: Did you know that there are copywriters that specialize in naming books? There have been stories of books that were getting horrible sales but after they had a professional change the name, it became super successful! Sometimes it’s all in the copy!

2. Market Like A Mogul!

Sales is service, and marketing is like consumer communication and education. These days, marketing is crucial for sales. People need to see a product or service at least seven times before they cave in and buy it (unless they specifically know they want/need) that specific product.

Marketing gets a bad rap the way sales does, but it’s honestly not that bad. Just like selling from the heart, marketing from the heart is about communicating in response to customer needs, alerting them of your solution and effectively coaxing them towards the sale. Social media has allowed marketing to be more of an interactive conversation also, because you’re able to communicate directly to customers before and after the purchase – nurturing leads and feedback for future sales.

3. Don’t be afraid of public speaking!

Public speaking is high on the list of peoples’ biggest fears. Is it one of yours? Well get over it! Public speaking can be intimidating, but it’s a profitable skill. Strong public speakers can be motivational thought leaders that persuade through the power of spoken word and presence. Great public speakers have impeccable presence and confidence, which makes them look like experts to watch and follow simply by design.

You can take public speaking courses at a local community college, read books, practice by making YouTube videos, or joining your local Toastmasters.

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