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It’s no secret branding is one of the big reasons why a brand like BossBabe is so successful. Without strategic development and execution, how else would you learn there are awesome women just like you who are about kicking ass, taking names, and making bank –while rocking the perfect winged liner?

Great branding is an investment, but a worthy one that will increase your reputation and sales. You want to create a brand that resonates , because that’s when the Universe kicks down doors for you, allowing success to unfold.

Secret #1: Channel the Power of Sex Appeal

Usually, I save this for last, but I’m going to give it to you upfront. Sex appeal is about magnetism. The more magnetic you are, the sexier you are, because you’re attractive to your clients.

Imagine you’re at a network mixer. There’s so many people there, and quite a few good looking men. You’ll see so many with potential, but nobody’s sexier than that crisp, well-dressed man with a fresh hygiene in a tailored suit. He’s just on point.

You walk toward him, and he smiles and introduces himself. In five minutes, you discover he’s not only well-dressed, he’s well-manicured, well-mannered, and well-spoken. He’s paid attention to the details, and the effect is you’re highly attracted to him. Because of that, he’s not only catching and keeping he’s not only catching and keeping your attention, but he’s more interesting, engaging and persuasive than anyone else there.

Wouldn’t the same go for you and your brand?

Sex appeal isn’t just about oozing overt sexiness and sexuality. Sex appeal for branding is simple: Clean, professional, consistent, and confident. Use clean design techniques, demonstrate professional execution, be consistent in your delivery and demonstrate confidence in yourself and your product.

Secret #2: Keep it Real

Gone are the days where doing business meant concealing your personality, interests, and hobbies were required for success. Millenials are taking over, and we’re really tired of trying to be someone we’re not, doing business in a manner we don’t like, just to get ahead. Especially when everything aligned with “traditional” perspective is chock full of risks.

Yes, you have to be clean, sexy, and professional – but your personality is required for shine. You represent a unique diversity of beliefs, values, and outlooks, and those beliefs, values, and outlooks are going to be the secret sauce that makes you stand out from the next makeup artist, marketing strategist, or real estate agent.

Be authentic. Own your voice. Use your natural, robust juiciness to enhance the layer of sex appeal and professionalism so that you’re highly unique and really stick out to the ladies and gentlemen who click with you – and f*ck with you on a business level.

Secret #3: Invest in Your Brand Strategically

At the end of the day, you are the centrifugal force in your brand. When you’re ready for success, you’re going to attract the opportunities you need to really step your game up and get it.

Don’t skimp on taking care of yourself, and your brand. Leapfrog your results by investing in tools that will help you laser-focus your brand, and manifest your intended outcome. Invest in you!

Read brand development books by Erika Napoletano, David Airey, and Bernadette Jiwa. Invest in sales and business coaching by personalities who resonate with yours. Attend sales seminars that allow you to pick up strategies for selling your brand at a premium price.

And don’t forget to invest in yourself. Invest in time to rejuvenate your spirit so you have the zest and vitality to run your business. Invest in your positive energy so you have a smile on your face and attract clients with your beautiful spirit and make them open their wallets just to make you happy. Invest time in reading, researching, and experimenting with your brand execution so you know what actually does and doesn’t work when it comes to brand delivery.

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