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I’m a design snob and I’m proud to say that I am also photoshop free. The days of needing to go to design school to get away with decent graphic design is over. Nowadays there are so many apps and other easy to use software that make it totally possible for the average jane to get her design on. Here are three apps that every #BOSSBABE needs to download on her phone now.

1. WordSwag

This is the main app I use for the #BOSSBABE posts. They have really fun and trendy fonts and colors. The interface is gorgeous and it’s just so easy to use. They have features for darkening your pictures to make your text pop out and all kinds of other stuff.  Also, if you are struggling with your brand colorsWordSwag has some default color backgrounds available so that you can test the waters.

bossbabe wordswag


2. Aviary

Aviary just actually recently associated themselves with Adobe Photoshop (because even photoshop knows where this advancement in graphic design is going). The point is that if the experts at Photoshop decided to team up with Aviary, then they must be onto something. The Aviary app allows you to add effects, text, frames, overlays, stickers etc. You can whiten your teeth and get rid of the pimple on your forehead with this app.

aviary bossbabe


If you’re into photography or blogging then you’ve just been notified of filter heaven. VSCOcam has an abundance of beautiful and vivid filters that will bring out the beauty in just about anything. Things like flowers, outfits and selfies will be taken to a whole new level with this app.

Check out this cool video about fashion blogger, Eugenie Grey on what it’s like to be instagram famous. She uses VSCOcam.

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