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Ever wonder why certain ads look better than others while you’re reading them? It’s because there is a special method in how the format is laid out.

It’s amazing how something like text format, can have such an immense effect on how we absorb messages but it totally does. In fact, I’m going to let you experience what exactly I’m talking about.

Here is an example I made of a of poorly formatted text (Note: This is not a real ad):

I want you to look at this ad for a few seconds and just first observe what you think is off about the ad.

bossbabe bad formatting

Why this ad is bad:

Okay so, what I want you do notice is first of all, all of the text is the same font and pretty much the same size. All the text being the same size makes it hard for the viewer to differentiate the importance in what is being said. Also, the flower placed on the right hand side is plain old distracting!

why this is bad

The use of the narrow font for each word on the ad isn’t the best choice either. Narrow fonts are fine for one-liners but I don’t recommend using them to get your whole message across.

Here is an example of better quality formatted text:

I want you to take  moment and see why this is a better quality ad.


Why this ad is good:

Okay first off, do you see how much the bulletin points help clean up the visual makeup of the ad? Right away, the viewer can see what the title is and then their eyes are easily guided down to see the bulletin points. Also, notice how the fonts used for the bulletin points is different and easier to read. I also added some darker shaded bars for the text to overlay so that way the reader doesn’t have to struggle to absorb the information given. I cannot stress enough how important it is for your readers to read effortlessly!

I would like to point out that the prior ad where the white text is on the peachy background is not the best color choice. I did that on purpose. I find that often, people use pretty colors and sacrifice the parts of their graphics that need to function. By adding the dark gold bars, I’ve combatted that competition between the white and peach and made it so that the viewer can read effortlessly.


Your ads are like mental reality spaces. You are having access to a person and/or potential customers mind! You better be ready to show up and give something that will not only catch their attention but have them looking for more! That’s why consistency is so important! Once you develop consistency in your colors and fonts a lot of the drawing in or first impression-making is done without the viewer even thinking about it. That’s why your eyes light up when you see a Louis Vuitton symbol or the Victoria Secret Pink. Use your reality space the best you can and always make a clear and impactful message!


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