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Just recently Kendall Jenner received criticism for her rise in modeling only due to her famous last name. A model named Aricse Wanzer wrote an open letter to Kendall explaining how she reached her place in modeling from many years of hard work and loss. She claims that Kendall only needed her mom’s assistance and the added title of her last name to land a place with some of the biggest designers.

We’ve all had experiences working with people who got everything handed to them like free candy. You’ll work nights and days with mental scars from your hard work, while this other person can just barely pass with a small chip on their new manicure. Sounds familiar? I’m sure it does.


It may also seem that sometimes you wish you were in their shoes getting by easy, but actually it’s yourself, the hardworking #BOSSBABE, who is actually doing more for yourself and your work. Instead of letting the effortless of Jenner get to you, here are somethings to remember on your journey.

Every small achievement is like an Oscar.

Time flies, your effort is pushing you past the limit, and you feel that nothing is moving forward. Unexpectedly something small comes out to remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing. Having moments like these feel like the biggest rewards for us. We learn to appreciate our hard work with this small reward, and we feel like we won, no matter how big or small that reward was. When you just get everything handed to you, you don’t truly appreciate the small things.

Your building skills and character!

Who do you think will have the most amount of experience? Clearly you!
You’ve been through failures and losses, and have had so many things happen along the way that you can say you have built your skill set. With the amounts of problems you’ve had to face, you were able to find a solution and a lesson to keep.
With the remarkable list of skills, you can handle any situation that falls in your lap. You know how at interviews they always ask “Tell me a time where you were faced with a problem and how did you solve it?” Well you will have lots of examples to use!

Everyone loves the underdog

Why do you think people always use success stories of those who have had to struggle to get to where they are? They’re favoured because we look up to them. We want to read their stories, their mistakes and successes, and feel that they can inspire us in so many ways.

We can all apply our lives to their story’s, so that’s why us underdogs are looked up to.
If you continue to work hard, and prove the odds, you can one day become that success story for others.
I’m not criticizing Kendall in any way, but the dilemma from this story I felt was something we can all relate to. We’ve all been in Aricse Wanzer’s shoes, but the only thing you should take away from this is, what can you do to still prove you have the ability to succeed?

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