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Although– and maybe because- it’s your deeply personal story, a bio can be difficult to craft. But by keeping the focus on insightful storytelling, you’ll be well on your way to artfully branding yourself.

As we become more digitally connected, it’s important to be able to brand yourself in a cohesive manner. While personal branding is something that I’ve struggled with personally, I think one part of that—the bio—is something that I’ve nailed quite recently.

Bios are used for personal websites, interviews, or contributor profiles.

As you advance further in your career, people may want you to share your expertise on their website or interview you about a topic you’re passionate about.

It’s important to have a short bio available to succinctly show someone exactly who you are and why your qualifications or interests matter.

These tips that will help take your not-so-basic bio into one that wows anyone you meet.


Concision is a great skill to have and there’s no better way to show that off than with your bio.

The bio is not the time to tell your life story.

As a writer, I’ve always struggled with this.

When I was first writing my bio for my personal website, I always wanted to include everything from what got me interested in communications, all of my past experience, what I’m currently doing and what I hope to do in the future.

That’s a lot of information which can be pretty hard to grasp.

It also wasn’t giving anyone a true glimpse into who I was.

You really can say a lot while saying a little with your bio.

I think that there’s a delicate balance when it comes to crafting the perfect one. Choose two to three facts about your professional life and qualifications, like where you went to school, what you studied, and what you’re doing now.

Balance that out with no more than one or two interesting or unique facts about yourself.

This super simple recipe can easily get the structure of your bio started.

A bio is the time to tell your personal story and give someone a glimpse into who you are. 


I’ve only recently come to accept that bios don’t have to be perfectly buttoned up.

Your bio is the perfect opportunity to share something unexpected about yourself with other people.

Are you a business writer who knows everything about what’s happening in pop culture?

Are you an architect who volunteers at an animal shelter in their spare time?

Are you a chemist who’s obsessed with the latest MAC Cosmetics capsule collection (and the science behind it)?

People are multifaceted, so let that shine through in your bio by sharing facts that someone wouldn’t assume are true based on just your resume.

Don’t be afraid to be funny, unless that doesn’t come naturally to you.

If you’re blocked and aren’t sure what to include, ask your friends and family about something you’ve done that surprised them or take this opportunity to start up the hobby or passion project you’ve always wanted to pursue.


A bio is the time to tell your personal story and give someone a glimpse into who you are.

Think of important moments in your life, funny quirks you have or what makes you truly happy and share that with the world.

A great bio can lead to so many unexpected opportunities.

Don’t be afraid to reconsider and self-edit your bio.

As you evolve throughout your career, you’ll need to change your bio when you gain new experiences and discover more about yourself and your aspirations.

Writing a concise story will show you how powerful your words are and how well you know yourself, your audience, and what you’re after.

This article was originally published on Career Contessa ( by Justine Figueroa.


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