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Do you ever wish you had another pair of hands?

Or perhaps a small band of minions to do your bidding?

Do you often find yourself daydreaming about a higher plateau of efficiency or productivity in your business affairs, without having to work like a dog?

If so, you’re like me : Someone in dire need of a delegation plan!

I know in the past I have been personally guilty of trying to do EVERYTHING for my business, myself, from design, to inventory, to numbers, to making, to marketing & the list goes on.

Unfortunately though, this may save you a buck in the present, or feed your need to have your hands in every little thing involving your business or brand, as a result you will (as I have) certainly suffer in the future.

When you try to take on too much all by yourself, the result is in short, a whole lot of mediocrity.

You cannot do anything well, if you try to do everything yourself.

If you give yourself the opportunity though, the ability to focus more on what is important & most greatly impacted by your contribution, everything you do have your hand in will sparkle and shine.

For me it’s proven important to work on concepts and production for my shop Bleu Gardens and I delegate my photography needs to a #BOSSBABE whom I know, is quite handy with a Canon.

Before I did entrusted Kathleen Elizabeth Photography to this gravely important task, my pictures we’re poor (which wasn’t awesome for sales) and since my skill was not in photography.

I’d waste so much time trying to get a decent shot that it just wasn’t beneficial to myself or my business in any way, shape or form.

Since I’ve started focusing on other areas and leaving the photography to a pro’, it has been better all around.

My shop looks much better, my stress level is lower, and I have more time to do other things I’m better suited to.

Now here is the important thing Boss Babe…

when delegating, make sure you entrust your tasks to those who are passionate about what they do and genuinely excited about what you do too. Do not take shortcuts in choosing your helpers.

This way you can trust that whatever they contribute will be an equally stellar component to your brand as lives up to the standard of work you’ve already set as example.

Whether you are new to this concept or you do delegate your tasks, I think it’s always good to take a look at where and how to tweak and refine the way your business runs.

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