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Kim Kardashian-West is the world’s most notorious accidental porn star. Not simply for having a sex tape, but leveraging it into a full-blown career that put her entire family on. Love her or hate her, you have to admit that girl’s got her brand down pat.

Here’s a look at some of Kim’s feminine client attraction secrets that keep her well-paid and in demand no matter where she goes.

Kim is Authentic & Transparent

No matter what’s going on, you’d be hard-pressed to find Kim hiding from the world. The Armenian beauty puts on and faces the world almost every morning, even when things seem to be their worst. And, when asked, she has no problem sharing her thoughts and feelings with her social friends and followers.

Also, let’s consider the importance of emotional transparency. In a way, you can even consider her the Queen of TMI – almost nothing is off-limits for sharing, as long as there’s a platform for it. She laughs, cries, and experiences both the best and worst moments of her life publically, bringing people along for the ride. This builds a sense of connection, a relationship that, while distant, helps fans feel close to Kim, and support her movements, whether she’s promoting Midori or meds to curb morning sickness.

Kim possesses Amazing Self-Esteem

One of the biggest fallacies we’ve been taught is that we shouldn’t love ourselves too much. I call bullsh*t. There’s really no such thing as too much-self love, because nobody will ever love you the way you do. And when you love yourself, you set high standards that align with everything you do. If anything’s clear, Kim K. West loves herself beyond most human understanding. It’s somewhat insane how much she loves herself – that is, if you’re not well-adapted to one of the pure codes of Feminine Client Attraction: self-love.

Here’s why this is important: You get what you put out. Therefore, when you love yourself, you’re a magnet of lovability.  Yes, you’ll always have people who think you’re self-absorbed and full of  yourself. But so what if you are? At the end of the day, you’ll have a stronger knit of people who love and adore you as much as you do yourself. Kim has no problem expressing her generous level of self-esteem. She does it by fearlessly trying every and anything her heart desires, owns her failures (like her singing career and Selfie book), and laughs away the craziness. This makes her even more magnetic because it reflects her natural confidence, and inspires confidence and self-love in others, who in turn reward her pockets with sales via brand loyalty.

Kim Rocks Customer Engagement

Yes, nothing is clearer than the fact the stunning Mrs. West loves herself. But she also loves others, and that means she also loves to engage. In a world where it’s pretty difficult to get your favorite celebrities to reply to you when there’s millions of other people vying for their attention, Mrs. West’s strategic attention is intoxicating. Who else can take comments and questions in stride, and use fan feedback to create even more content that responds directly to their inquiries and suggestions?

This world has an expansion of celebrities, and there’s a new It Girl every moment, on Instagram, on reality TV, and in Hollywood. Staying “relevant” is tough. Kim manages to remain on top of it by smartly applying her celebrity consistently with engagement as part of her smart brand strategy. Staying in contact and reach with fans adds to her stardom, increases brand loyalty, and ultimately continues to drive sales for the many products related to her empire.

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