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Being a soloprenuer can feel really well….like you’re solo. Taxes, marketing, sales, research- all of it has to be done with your limited time and energy. The #BOSSBABES who realize when there is just too much on her plate, knows when to scrape some of it off. What am I really trying to say? They know when to outsource.

The good news is that everyday the internet has literally millions of people who you can connect with that will do the business tasks you don’t have time for for you.

How much easier would it be if you could find a developer, editor or tax expert within minutes? Prepare to be mind blown. Here are the best places on the internet to hire people for outsource work.

1) takes seconds to figure out and it’s a very dependable source. You post up a  specific job that you’d like done and within fifteen minutes you will usually receive a good handful of people bidding over the job. You can look at peoples’ profiles and their job experience. You also don’t have to pay any money until you are completely satisfied. There are thousands of freelancers that range from coders, to writers, to advisors. Once you hire a freelancer and you like/trust them, you can hire them again and again. Doesn’t it sound like #BOSSBABE heaven? Pretty much.


2) Fiverr is pretty popular. If you haven’t heard about it by now, it’s a place where you can hire people to do things for five-freaking bucks. It’s unbeatable. There are people who will comment on your blogs, shout out your social media sites or sing you happy birthday in German just for five Washingtons. It’s a very dependable site and just like freelancer, you only pay when the services you’ve received meet your standards.



oDesk is very similar to freelancer but it’s a little less fast paced for those of you who like to take thier time in finding a good prospect for their project. You are allowed to interview, hire and work with freelancers that have expertise in many different fields.


4) The #BOSSBABE Netwerk

Don’t forget about the Netwerk! Here there are plenty of people you can message or email and ask about doing outsource work for you. We have consultants, web designers, marketing experts and more. Also, if you find yourself not having the best budget for outside work, try to barter your services?


What is bartering?

When you trade your products or services in the exchange of someone else’s products or services. If you are a financial advisor who needs a logo designed, try to find a graphic designer and see if they’d be interesting in trading a logo for a consultation. Imagine how much money you wouldn’t have to spend if you were able to barter out some of your services?

Also, here’s a head’s up….

You always want to be careful about who you share your personal or business information with online. Make sure that you are using websites and or programs that have safety and quality guarantees. Any banking information, credit card numbers or emails and passwords should not be given out unless there are very particular circumstances.

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