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How do you sell if you hate selling?

To sell if you hate selling is transformative and eye-opening to master. It forces you to recognize the energy and attitude you have to things you’re promoting. Have you ever noticed what it’s like when you’re in a store and someone’s trying to get you to buy something they’re not crazy about? When someone’s not into what they’re selling, they suck at sales – and rarely, if ever, can they get a good closing ratio around the product. Don’t be that person.

You should never be in a position to sell anything you’re not passionate about. If you’re not in love with the product or service you’re selling, everyone notices. As a result, nobody wants to buy what you’re hustling – and the harder you try to get the sale, the more desperate you look, which completely turns off your audience.

“I Hate Selling Because…”

Sometimes you’ve got a situation where you have to sell something you absolutely hate. (Nobody said all sales positions were fun.) When you’re in a position where you need to move the very product you absolutely hate, try to identify the source of your hatred, and get to the root of the underlying emotion or issue underneath.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, when I sucked at selling a product, it came down to issues regarding lack of knowledge or poor product quality. Regardless of my challenges, I learned to overcome them and increase my sales. Here’s how.

1. “… I Don’t Know The Value of The Product!”

You can’t sell when you’re clueless. Effective salespeople are knowledgeable. They know their products inside out. Increase your product knowledge by interacting with the product on a personal level.

Get to know your product inside and out. Taste it, feel it… get intimate with it and learn everything you can about it. To sell if you hate selling, you have personal experience with your product, you’ll know all the pros and cons of it from an intimate perspective. This increases your ability to communicate genuinely with customers, who want to know as much as possible from their salesperson before saying yes to the sale.

2. “Honestly…This Product Sucks!”

Selling high quality products is the easiest way to make sales, but sometimes you’re stuck with inventory that’s subpar, yet still needs to be sold.

Situations like these require a creative honesty. Believe it or not, you’ll find customers who know the product you’re promoting isn’t the best possible quality, yet they’re still willing to purchase it for one reason or other. Perhaps they’re short on time or cash and that’s the best option for the money. Other times, they may know they’re passing up different features that better options would provide, but simply need the product for a very temporary or basic purpose.

Focus on accentuating the positives of the product, even if you’re only able to focus on the fact that it’s in a comparable color or gives a lesser, but decent performance compared to the best possible alternative. If you really don’t like the product, read reviews online and speak with people who love the product and take note of their positive words. Commit them to memory, so you can share your honest thoughts while adding the positive things others have said about the product.

3. “Well,… I’ve Never Used It…”

You don’t always need to use a product in order to sell it. I’ve sold menswear; do you think I’ve had to wear men’s clothing in order to sell it? This is crucial to realize to sell if you hate selling.

When you’ve never used a product, but need to improve your sales, you have two options.

  1. Try it out and use it, or…
  2. Pay attention the reviews

You might not use the product, but someone’s using it, and listening to what they have to say allows you to figure out the key pointers and benefits that attract sales and increase conversions. Go online and listen to the conversations customers are having to improve your sales also. When you know what customers are saying, it gives you the language and key points to use that attracts their attention and makes them inclined to buy from you.

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