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Objections are the toughest aspect of sales. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling houses or couture purses; if you’re in sales, you’ll have to suck it up and learn how to overcome objections in the smoothest way possible.

Why Do We Hate Objections?

Objections are the roadblocks to sales. Objections are pretty much the first way a potential buyer appears to say no. Anytime we hear no, we tend to take it as a form of rejection, even when we’re not the ones being personally rejected.

The Crazy Truth about Objections

When someone objects to your offer, it’s easy to take it personal. But we can’t. Most of the time, that person’s objection, or reason for not buying, isn’t even true.

Here’s the thing: Habits are 90% of our behavior. People are creatures of habit, and we’re in the habit of not making decisions. Making an objection is the easiest way for someone to avoid making a decision with the hopes someone won’t push any further.

Common Objections

Here are some of the most common objections:

  • “I need time to think about it.”
  • “I don’t have the money.”
  • “Can you fax/email me this information?”
  • “I need to talk to my wife/husband/dog/psychic advisor.”
  • “The price is too high.”

Techniques for Overcoming Objections

Savvy salespeople understand objections are truly requests for more information. When someone is unsure, your job is to get them closer to the firm decision that lies within declaring yes or no.

Not “maybe.”

Not “I have to talk it over with bae.”

Not “I need time to think it over.”

Technique #1: Put Her (Objections) on the Spot

The first way to overcome objections is to ask for them upfront. Before you ask for the sale, assume the sale, or push to close the sale, be polite. Sit back, cross your dainty ankles, and ask

“Do you have any concerns?”

(Use “concerns” instead of “objections” with the client. Always!)

This is her opportunity to express her concerns with you, the product, and the offer. Pay close attention to her response. There’s always a piece of wisdom to glean, even if you heard it all before.

Once she’s given you her concerns, address them, one by one. Perhaps she needs more information. Maybe she needs to talk it over with her husband, because they have a mutual agreement to discuss major investments together. Or maybe she’s price-sensitive, and you’re going to have to persuade her to see the value instead of the price.

(Value makes price irrelevant, especially if you deliver!)

Technique #2: Weave Objections into the Presentation and Conversation

If you can melt their objections before they can form them, it would make getting the sale so much easier, wouldn’t it?

Well, the great news is, you can.

After you’ve experienced the sales conversation with several women, you’ll start to hear the common objections and frequently asked questions that arise in the sales process. Compile a list of those questions and weave them into your presentation. Over time, your presentations become increasingly flawless as you annihilate the customers’ defenses before they arise.

BossBabe Assignment:

Okay, let’s get to business. Write down a list of the common objections you get from prospects, and then follow up with a response to each objection. Memorize your answers – and add them to a special page on your website, or in the FAQs section, so people can read them 24/7.

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