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Novembers Masterclass Leader: Hayley Beullens & Karina May

Novembers Masterclass Topic: SEO

Hayley Beullens & Karina May

I Do Digital

I Do Digital was formed to empower small businesses and start-ups – particularly those with women at the helm – to build, optimise and market their own businesses online.

With time a rarity, and practicality a necessity, I Do Digital serves up eCourses with a difference. Combining smart technical fixes with marketing know-how I Do Digital skips the high-level BS and shares actionable steps that fit with your every day business processes. They get it. You have a business to run. Rather than laborious, boring tutorials their bite-sized instructional videos are easily digested on the fly – and pack some personality.

Hayley and Karina are on a mission to not just share our knowledge, but to also encourage savvy female entrepreneurs to let go of the need to be perfect and just get it done. Their online learning comes complete with a hugely supportive community of advice-givers. You won’t find polished scripts they’re all about being authentic with real-life examples and serving up stripped-back, yet meaningful content to help you dominate online.

This digital duo met at their magazine jobs 10 years ago where their entrepreneurial spirits just weren’t cut out for the grind and backward nature of publishing life. Their lunch hours (and other stolen moments) were spent chatting about big business plans and dreaming of our their venture where they’d get to action our own ideas somewhere on the internets. So they did just that.

Hayley is an experienced WordPress developer with her own web design business, sister-company, We Do Digital, where she’s built beautiful websites for countless delighted SMEs. She’s set up two successful baby wear websites, Max + Ollie and Petit Bamboo that satisfied gaps in the market.

Karina works as a digital marketing consultant and got her start at online services marketplace, where big budgets saw her experimenting with the latest technology. After wearing many digital hats for many years, she became the company’s Product Manager where she was responsible for large scale strategy and now assists other start ups and small businesses with their digital strategies and general business sass.


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