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Millennial Rich Girls:

 Qualified Women Who Are

Ready To Live The Good Life.

Join The Movement Of Young Women Creating Happiness, Success and An Automated Cash Flow All From Their Phones.

Crack The Code To Your Success.

Everyone wants the good life but very few people get it. Learn which blocks stop girls just like you from living their dreams and how to never fall victim to mediocrity.

Join The Millennial Rich Girl Movement.

Let’s face it. Getting a college degree no longer promises financial security. The movement of young and wealthy people are growing by the second. Get in while there is still time.

Learn To Automate Your Income.

We share each step on to how to create your own automated cash flow stream from scratch. Work from anywhere doing what you love. All you need is some determination and a wifi connection.

This Program Is Like Buying Your New Boss Babe Lifestyle In A Box.

Read below to find out what’s included in our intensive, 60 day, life changing program.

Fill out an application now!

Apply Today.

This time next year, you could be in the same spot or you could be working from the beach.

It’s all up to you.

You Can Totally Afford This By The Way.

Total Cost Of The Millennial Rich Girl Program: $1097 USD

 This price includes 8-weeks of life changing premium content which hundreds of girls will be using to generate significant return on investment within months of learning the Millennial Rich Girl automation formula.

Fill out an application now!

Apply Today.

this program is perfect for:

  • bloggers

  • coaches

  • consultants

  • freelancers

  • any girl with her heart set on her goals

this program is not for: 

  • people who expect to get rich overnight

  • those who aren’t determined to complete goals

  • those who give up easily

  • those who expect everything to be done for them

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will increase my chances of being accepted?

Sometimes it’s more about what you are saying versus how much you are saying. We carefully pick out women who seem determined, ambitious and serious about learning what it takes to make their own automated company. Don’t be afraid to show us what you got. 😉

How long will it take for me to hear back from BossBabe Inc.?

It will take us anywhere from 2-10 business days to hear back from us. Don’t trip, if you don’t make it this time around. Your contact information will be added to the waiting list for the next enrollment. 

Do I need To Have A Business?

No. This program is made for two types of women. 1. Women who have businesses they are unhappy with and would like to optimize them so that they are more automated and more profitable. 2. Women who are business minded and would like to learn how to build an automated business.

Do I have to be a millennial to join?

No. Boss Babe Inc. uses the term “millennial” as the description of an era. The pre-fix “milli” means one thousand and we are currently at the tippy point of the new millennium. We are in a age where you can create an abundant income stream from providing value online. We teach you how to take advantage of that. As times are changing, businesses are changing too. Where will you be when everyone else has figured out how to bring income from online? 

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