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A simple designing tool for beautiful digital graphics.

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Do you need somethingsimple to design graphics for social media and other parts of your website? Try Picmonkey! They have a plethora of FREE services for creating really beautiful and detailed designs. Perfect for beginners or even experienced designers.

There are so many fun fonts and affects you can play with without the muss and fuss of photoshop. They also do a really good job of adding overlays and graphics that correlate for the holidays. Right now for example, they have a really fun Valentine’s day theme with all kinds of hearts, cupids and roses galore!

Once you start spending more time there, you’ll probably consider purchasing their “royale” or premium service for only $4.99/month. You can get an even better deal with their yearly subscription of $33.00/year. Included in that deal is like 50% more of the graphics and goodies to use with and of course, everyone’s favorite. No ads!

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