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It’s crazy just to think that last week I was contouring my face like Kim Kardashian, getting dressed up like I was going to the red carpet, and writing down my list of resolutions for the changes I want to see this year.

Well week one of 2015 is officially over, and honestly I haven’t taken any first steps to do something about my resolutions. Does this sound similar to you? It probably does because we’re all back to work and school, so starting our resolutions can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help you out:

Are your resolutions realistic?

We’ll all have things on our list that are hard to achieve, but something that we desire to have the most. It’s the ultimate resolution! You expect this to change your life and kept telling yourself on Dec. 31st that this will be the year to achieve it. Now looking back a year ago (sorry bad joke!), how much closer are you? Probably not even an inch.

Now it’s the time for you to revaluate it and see if it is realistic according to who you are, and your time commitment. For myself I wrote down how I would study a chapter of photography every week, but looking back, I haven’t even gotten an book! So I had to change this resolution and make it more realistic by saying that I’ll take photography school during the summer when I have time.

Time will Go

Like I mentioned, we’re all back at school, work, and life. Our free time has really cut down significantly, and those spare moments you have you’d rather spend watching The Bachelor.

Well it’s time to pull out a schedule or planner and fill it in with your “must” commitments, and then fill in the spare time with the essentials being to exercise, visit your friends, and further the progress of your resolution. The Bachelor will always be on, so save that for another time and get your resolutions at the forefront.

Visual Reminders

“I’m going to do this!”, is this the thought you keep telling yourself but don’t get anywhere? That’s me practically every morning, but then I lose that train of thought within a minute.¬†Sometimes relying on our thoughts and internal motivation doesn’t really move us. Having an external motivation is an ongoing reminder of what we want, so it makes sense to do that for our resolutions.

Some things you can do:
– You can print out imagines of what you want
– Cut out pictures of yourself and attach them to images of where you want to be
– Even tell yourself you’ll buy a new pair of shoes if you hit a major point in your resolution

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