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Your option to pick a font for your business seems like it shouldn’t be a big deal. You just find something pretty and slap a graphic together and boom- you have an ad! Right? Wrong.

There are hundreds of experts who learn about typography and the psychology behind it. Yes. I said psychology. Your mind will read differently depending on what font the words are in.

Here are some things you can do to make sure your font is not getting in the way of potential sales:

1. Is your font comfortable to read?

Do people have to put effort when reading your font or is it just automatically taken in? It’s fun to use fancy fonts for small titles, headlines or little sayings but you want to be careful about using it to type anything that has more than ten words.

When it’s time for people to read, it’s time for people to read and you don’t want to get in between what they need to understand in order to hire you.

Fonts that are comfortable for people to read are:

Serif Fonts Sans Serif Fonts
Century Schoolbook (Schoolbook)
Courier New (Courier)
Times New Roman (Times)
Comic Sans MS (Comic)

2. Is your font contrasting enough?

Sometimes you may have the perfect font type choice but it’s not popping out enough. If you have a black background, you can’t go wrong with using white text. Same thing vice versa.

Your words should have zero competition with the background and it should be super easy to read. Here is an article that goes more into depth on that.



3. Is your line height and spacing on fleek?

Formatting text can make even non-readers want to take a peak. If overall your text looks easy to read, even if it isn’t, people will still be more likely to read it. Professional ad designers think about the composition of their text just as much as the copy-writer thinks of the words.

Think about it, we wouldn’t read books if the lines were all scrunched up. We wouldn’t read blogs if the text was all over the place. Formatting is important.



4. Is your material ready to read on every device?

If your website is not mobile and tablet compatible, you are in need for a web design makeover girlfriend. People want to access and learn things in the palms of their hands and you aren’t prepared to share information that way, somebody else is.

Try to find a website theme that will keep your well-crafted formatting and text pretty. Sometimes the beauty of your website can be widely underestimated if it’s not compatible with mobile and tablet. Don’t be that girl.



5. Does your font speak for your brand?

Some fonts can do the talking for you depending on how dramatic they are. For example, when was the last time you went into a tiki themed  bar and didn’t see the use an obviously Hawaiian inspired font? Or a french restaurant that didn’t use a classy cursive font face?

You can do the same with your business. Break down your brand’s theme into 3-4 adjectives and figure out if your font compliments those descriptions? If not, use them to find a more fitting font. You can check them out on


This article can’t be finished without sharing this amazing TEDtalk video about typography in more depth. Check it out!


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