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So boom: You’re schmoozin’ at a Cupcakes and Credit mixer. Amidst smooth sips of your dirty martini and juicy bites of hors d’oeuvres, you find yourself discussing the finer points of Cambodian hair with the gal next to you. She casually brings up the fact that she’s a celebrity hairstylist, but she needs to find a new web designer.

“My current site doesn’t reflect my brand,” she confesses. “It’s turning off A-list clients I know I could satisfy.”

And wouldn’t you know – you are a brand designer, and you’d love to bring her brand to life. But you remain mum. You haven’t the slightest clue how to introduce yourself without sounding like a cheesy infomercial. (By the way, nobody likes those.)

Don’t fret, love. Here’s a strategy for slickly slipping your business into the conversation comfortably.

1. Get in their head. Ask questions.

Ninety-nine percent of gaining someone’s interest lies in solving their problems. It’s all about them. So, in the case where your stylist is going on about the need for a new website, where do you begin? By asking her open-ended questions about her current website:

  • “If you don’t mind me asking, what aspects of your site don’t reflect the brand?”
  • “How long has it been since you’ve had the site done?”
  • “Who designed the site for you before?”
  • “That’s interesting. What new elements do you want on your site?”

Don’t whip out a pen and pad while talking to them. Just allow the conversation to happen naturally, because at this point, you’re honestly gathering intel.

Because the first rule of pitching your service?

Make sure the person you’re pitching to is an ideal fit for YOU before revealing your identity. 

Like, seriously. Why should you waste your precious energy on someone who fails to reflect the energy you desire in a customer? If they’re not reflective of the type of person you want to work with, pitching to them won’t do you – or them – any good.

2. Dazzle Them with Your Elevator Pitch

Let’s assume you love the hairstylist. She’s cool, bubbly and snarky. You know you’d probably enjoy working with her because she knows what she wants, and you can tell she’s willing to invest in design.

Now it’s your turn to arouse her interest. (**gulp**)

So… Howegonedothis?

An engaging elevator pitch. One that’s sexy, alluring, and presents all the lovely specifics sans boring particulars.

Here’s a template to remember:

OMG! Girl! Can I tell you a secret? I actually ______. I specialize in ___________ . I’d love to _____ your needs and see if I can help. Let’s exchange information and set up an appointment. Is that cool?

Now, using this scenario:

OMG! Girl – can I tell you a secret? I actually design brand websites. I specialize in beauty and fitness websites. I’d love to review your site and see if I can help. Let’s exchange numbers. I can do a free 30-minute consultation. Is that cool?

You get the point. The idea is not to sound mechanical, but enthusiastic and down to Earth. Like you’re talking to one of your BFFs – but with more professional moxie in your tone.

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