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Ever wish there was just a simple and easy way to design a quick ad or press release without having to start from scratch? Well thank me later.

introducting canva

When I first discovered Canva I knew this was a gift from God.

I know a lot of graphic designers and entrepreneurs use photoshop which is a way more complex program. Honestly, I don’t recommend it for my non tech-savvy ladies. You may not have the time nor energy to sit down and use photoshop and that’s totally fine.

With Canva you can simplify your design process by using pre-made templates, fonts, and themes to complete your graphic needs. Canva has a large inventory of designs targeted for specific social media platforms.

Specific templates

There are facebook banner templates, social media templates for instagram,  presentation templates, poster templates and much more!

You can use it to create media kits, pdfs, flyers, press releases and more! There is so much you can edit and customize to meet your design needs when you don’t have the funds to pay a professional or just don’t have the time.

Canva simplifies the graphic design process significantly. You can learn to effectively brand yourself through canva. Sticking to a consistent font, color, theme, scheme, or style when it comes to all of your graphic designs creates an instant feel or association with your brand.


Oh and they also have courses!

As if this tool wasn’t cool enough. It has pre-made courses that teach you the fundamentals of design and branding.  I’ve designed the social media flyer above and below by simply taking a template and customizing it.

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