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Pimpin’ your sales swag – or should I say energy? – is important for several reasons.

First and foremost, the more you master the art of sales, the more money you make. When you can master your energy and approach to sales, you can effortlessly hustle and flow.

Sales is one of the foremost fears that block people from making money. I understand it’s intimidating, so this is no surprise. In spite of this, I’m pushing you because that’s no excuse.

Want more money? Perfecting your sales energy is the quickest way to increase your income without having to raise your prices. It doesn’t matter why you went into business, mama. What matters is that you stay in business by making money – and I need you to consider these three keys for doing so.

1. Never Sell when You’re Broke…or at Least Desperate for the Sale

This sounds counterintuitive. You’re trained to think you hustle harder and do well under pressure – and what bigger pressure exists than the pressure to make money?

Crazy as it sounds, you should never attempt sales when you’re desperate for the money. We are energetic beings.

We live in vibrating world of that operates according to various frequencies. Our vibes affect everything we experience, and attract or repel things based on what we’re putting out. When you’re broke and need the money, your vibe is fear-based.

This f*cks up everything you’re doing.


When you’re selling to survive, you may be able to excel under pressure, but before that happens you’ll more than likely be going crazy trying to control the urge not to throat punch a customer who “wastes your time” by rejecting the sale.

Provide yourself the mental sanity of finessing your sales when you’re less financially attached to the outcome. You’ll be a better person for it.

2. Detach from the Outcome

This builds on my first point. When you’re desperate for money, you’re more attached to the outcome of your sales than if you were financially secure.

Financial security allows you to have peace of mind during the sale, but learning to detach from the overall outcome gives you emotional control during every interaction.

Emotional control allows you to remember that you are not your sales figures, that everyone sometimes hears no more than they hear yes, and that keeping your cool is part of the game.

Deepak Chopra speaks of the power of detachment in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.

He says in order get anything you want in your physical, tangible Earth experience, you’ll have to surrender your attachment to it.

“This doesn’t mean you have to give up the intention to create your desire.” Chopra writes.

“You don’t give up the intention, and you don’t give up the desire. You give up the attachment to the result.”

He continues to explain attachment is a lovechild of fear and insecurity.

Entrepreneurship is the only place where you can make yourself financially secure and utterly fearless – but only when you give up those ghosts and accept the beauty of uncertainty.

(Again, I reiterate, this is easier when you already have some kind of financial anchor, but it’s still a greatly resourceful perspective even when you don’t.)

Removing your attachment allows you to flow with the sales process. When you’re in the flow, you move with more ease and comfort.

Your energy is more relaxed, and this actually leads to more sales because people sense you’re not pressed for their money.

This leads to increased trust and better conversions because your customers don’t feel that sticky icky feeling so deeply associated with sales.
3. Assert Your Confidence

Confidence wins more sales than insecurity ever will – and those sales are usually much more profitable and rewarding.

Business was never a realm for cowardice. If you’re scared, you have two choices: buck up or back down, and I guarantee backing down won’t help you make $10 million.

Others can give you a temporary boost of confidence, or infuse you with life, but ultimately, confidence is your personal responsibility.

Take ownership of it. Ask yourself,

“Self, what would make me feel confident on my grind today? New shoes? Eyebrow tinting? Setting a goal to enjoy my day chatting with three customers without any expectation to convert them?”

Listen for your answer, and accommodate it.

Confidence comes from within, but it resonates throughout. I’m big on doing whatever it takes to maximize your confidence as a woman, and then as a business woman.

Your confidence will help you deliver a better pitch, explain and demonstrate product knowledge with greater professionalism, and give your clients the belief you really know what you’re talking about.

(Which, again, leads to increased conversions and consumer confidence in you.) When you’re confident, you look better, you feel better, you eat better… but yo…
… Best of all, you sell better.

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