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It has been SUCH a juicy week for me BossBabes!
Last Wednesday I did a discovery call with one of my life coach crushes, Jessica Caver, for her luxury business intensive at The Ritz Carlton in Miami. There was just this huge part of me that wanted to scream, “YES!”. How luxurious! How celebratory! How decadent! I mean, could it get much better than masterminding about my business for 2015 over champagne, with this really cool chick, in a 5-star hotel, in sunny Miami?!?


But then fear and doubt crept in.
“Rebecca, you just started cutting back from your full time job. Sure you have some money right now, but is this really necessary? What if all of your clients cancel and you can’t pay your bills? What if you fail miserably?” (My inner mean girl is a buzz kill and a half).
I knew I didn’t want to put this on a credit card. And I knew I had a burning desire to have the experience. So I got crystal clear on the EXACT AMOUNT OF MONEY that it would take to make it happen (travel costs, the price of the intensive, all of it) and still meet all my other financial obligations.
Once I had a number, I wrote out what I could offer in exchange for that exact amount of money and to how many new clients I would need in order to reach that goal.

  •  I got SPECIFIC even though I had no freaking clue where these new clients were going to come from.
  • I did a meditation and envisioned how amazing it was going to feel when all that money came into my bank account.
  •  I imagined how thrilling it would be to write to Jessica and let her know I wanted to hire her.
  •  I felt the joy, relief, and excitement my future clients would experience as a result of working with me.
  •  I wrote out an affirmation thanking the Universe in advance for the money, and drew dollar signs and sparkly hearts all around it (I’m told I’m much more in touch with my inner 6 year old girl than the average person).

It was an all-out good vibes rager (and I was ready to party).

A few days later I got an idea for a new offer and I posted it on Facebook. Responses started pouring in from incredible women wanting to work with me. An article I wrote weeks ago suddenly went viral on Elite Daily, getting shared more than 6k times. I was asked to write for two beautiful new online publications (one of which I didn’t even pitch, they wrote to me). And in the last 2 days I’ve gotten hired 4 times.
Needless to say, I made my financial goal and could not think of a more fabulous way to tie a bow around 2014.
And none of this would have been possible if I hadn’t said yes to my big juicy desire to get high-level support from a coach I admired. And if just the decision to work with her has generated this much momentum, all I have to say is watch out 2015!
What do you secretly crave but won’t let yourself have because it’s “too luxurious”, “too indulgent” or “too expensive”? I hope my story inspires you to own it and start taking aligned action steps to make it happen.
Remember: Where there’s a w̶i̶l̶l̶ desire, there’s a way.

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