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Cultivating customer relationships requires cultivating trust. People buy from people they know, trust, and like.

1. Kill “Salesy” Language

Some salespeople run so much of this jargon that they kill any chances of the sale the very second they open their mouth. You know what I’m talking about. Using phrases like “explore possibilities” and “once in a lifetime” may seem persuasive, but they’re really turnoffs. Speak to clients in a natural manner that’s approachable and conversational instead of manipulative and clichéd.

Here’s a list of sales phrases to avoid.

2. Focus on the Customer

Don’t jump into your customer interaction trying to push the customer to the sale.

Quick Draw McGraw salespeople tend to put customers on the defensive, turning them off and making them resistant to buy.

Every customer has specific needs, and you’re going to have an easier time getting them to the finish line when you take it easy and put the focus on them as opposed to the sale.

Start your interaction by speaking to the customer, warming them up so they share what they’re looking for, and then pair your best selection as their solution.

3. Treat People Like People

Before they’re walking into your store, before they’re thinking about purchasing, and before they crack open their wallets at the register, you know who your customers are?


They are people.

They are mothers, wives, daughters, husbands, fathers, sons – people!

Failing to show respect for human quality is one of the nastiest mistakes you can make in sales.

Your clients, prospective and actual, are not walking ATM machines conveniently plopped in front of you to meet a sales quota. They’re all individuals who’ve got problems you can solve.

The more problems you solve – with compassion and respect – the more money you’ll make. But it all starts with treating people like people first.

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