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Firing someone is never easy.

Firing yourself is even tougher.

You’re in control.

You know what you’re doing.

And nobody ever will love your business more than you.

But you’ve got to release the reins.

People are counting on you, and you can’t deliver when you’re in your business instead of on your business.

Create structure, hire smart, and leverage every penny possible.

1. Iron out your business needs

Make an itemized list of your current schedule, activities, and everything you do for your business.

Getting clear on the tasks you need taken care of allow you to see what needs to be done.

Let’s get focused: anything that does not immediately generate revenue is something that you should not be putting your time and attention on.

2. Surround yourself with excellent people

Having fired yourself, you are no longer the jack of all trades.

You are now the CEO.

It’s you’re your job to delegate your prior responsibilities to a supportive team of people who are excellent at what they do.

Yes, yes, my love, I know.

You can do everything, and you’ve proven it with the name you’ve built for yourself.

But you can’t do everything effectively and exceptionally well when you’re jack of all trades and mistress of none.

Hiring out the tasks to people who are smarter (and gasp – better) than you gets projects done faster and more effectively. And it saves you the headache of doing it all by yourself.

3. Become the visionary.

As the business CEO, your job is to make sure you create the systems and processes needed for your business to flow smoothly.

You’re making sure you have a sales cycle, a sales process, administrative connections, and marketing on fleek.

At this point, coordinate with a strong business or sales coach to create the infrastructure needed to carry out your vision.

Focus on your primary specialty – the core skill or deliverable you fell in love with and wanted to perfect and master for your business – and work on being the person who executes that at the highest level, along with keeping all the cogs in alignment for growth and scalability. You’ve got this girl!

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