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A secret of sexy salespeople is simplicity and systems.

They have proven scripts, systems, and processes to help them close sales on a regular basis. Why reinvent the wheel for closing a sale when the work’s been done for you – and is proven to make money?

If you’re in high end sales, such as real estate, coaching, or some other high-level expensive product, it’s helpful to have a system in place designed to help you close sales on a consistent basis. Knowing your system is important, especially for higher priced items, because Lord knows it’s trickier to close when more money’s involved (even when the product’s a winner).

Here’s an effective, two-part sales and closing process that works for most high-ticket items:

Part I – The Sales Process

  • Establish trust
  • Identify customer needs
  • Share the information and benefits of your offer
  • Close the offer
  • Handle any objections
  • Follow up with the customer


Now, Part II is actually a part of step one, but I wanted to pull it to the side and break it down a little further. This is an expanded look at step 4 in our sales process – the close. Here’s what the close usually looks like:

Part II – The Close Script

  • Discuss the price
  • Describe what’s included
  • Add your risk reducers – the warranties, guarantees, testimonials, and discounts
  • Inject reward strengtheners – bonuses and incentive for buying
  • Add your Urgency Builders – items that reveal consequences of not taking action (future price increase)
  • Asking for the sale


To be fair, this process can completely move the price discussion all the way to the end of the presentation. There’s healthy evidence to support that pushing back discussions of price allow you to get the customer to focus on the benefits and whether or not they can use the product before being turned off by price.

And of course, no matter what happens, you’ll almost always have objections and rejections – but that’s another post for another week.

Tune in next week as we dive into objections, and how to handle sales objections like a pro!

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