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Sales is about service, so it’s important to me that you truly get what it means to be of service. If you can grasp this concept and run with it, you’ll not only be a master of sales, but of influence. And we love influence because the more influence you have, the more easily you can persuade people to do what you want (give you money).

Your brain contains both conscious and subconscious sections. A mere ten-percent of your thoughts are conscious, meaning the other ninety-percent are subconscious. Need I state this more clearly, I’m pretty much telling you that ninety-percent of your thoughts populate on their own without you even truly thinking about them. Whoa.

The Power of Subconscious Beliefs

You can attract whatever you want in life – as long as your thoughts are powerfully aligned to serve you in your mission. We all have subconscious thoughts flowing through our grey matter, and they collectively influence our potential and performance in life.

That being said, if you’re destined to be a master of influence, you’re destined to wield as much control over your thoughts as possible, because doing so allows you to fill your mind with beliefs that align your desired outcome with reality.

So What are You Telling Yourself?

Many times, we psych ourselves out of success without realizing it. We have beliefs others have given us that affect our thinking, which then affects our actions, and the habits formed from them. Here are examples of things BossBabes have told themselves in order to explain their lack of success:

  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “I’m not smart enough”
  • “I’m too dark/light”
  • “I’m not Black enough”
  • “I’m too fat/skinny”
  • “I’m not good at sales”
  • “I hate sales”
  • “I don’t f**k with females”
  • “I don’t get along with people”
  • “I didn’t go to school for this”
  • “I’m better than this”

How many of these thoughts sound familiar? How many resonate with you? I know at least two or three have to – because at least that many have come out of my own mouth at some point in time. Thoughts like these are rooted in your subconscious landscape, but they don’t have to be. You simply have to reprogram your thoughts to overcome them. I’ll show you how to accomplish this with the power of affirmations.


Affirmations are declarative statements aimed to affect your subconscious mind. You write, speak, and meditate on these statements to rewire your beliefs so they fit your desired reality, and thus propel you towards a more desirable quality of life.

Never underestimate the power of belief.

What you believe about selling is critical to your success.

What you believe about yourself is very critical to your success.

I want you to be the best salesperson possible, because that allows you to experience the best life possible (with all that money you’ll make). So, since we’re talking about sales, here’s some powerful affirmations to restructure your subconscious mind for successful sales:

  • “I love serving others”
  • “I genuinely care about the people I help”
  • “My customers totally get me – and they love my product”
  • “I’m sexy and so is my sales pitch”
  • “My product changes lives”
  • “My service transforms my customers for the better”

Get the point?

Again, never underestimate the power of belief. If you see yourself as someone who becomes successful at sales, you’ll become successful at selling. If you see yourself as a beautiful BossBabe with a sexy sales pitch and the best customers ever, you’ll experience this. Here’s my challenge to you: Take 3 beliefs you currently have about sales, and invert them so they’re positive reinforcements of the BossBabe you’re meant to be.

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