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Holidays. You know what that means. Being around all of your family and not-so-loved ones from back home. They all ask how you’re doing: education, career, love life – all of the things you don’t care to discuss with basics who don’t understand the mindset of a boss babe.

“How do you plan to begin your career once you graduate?” is my favorite question to receive. Oh please, honey, I have already begun. Forget a 5-year plan. Ask me what I’m doing today. Ask what I’m doing tomorrow. Trust me, I’m doing more in the next month than you could plan to do in the next year. But, of course, you can’t tell the basics that. They don’t have the#BOSSBABE mentality. There’s a reason they are not in the same position as you. So how does a boss babe respond?

Well, here’s two things you shouldn’t do do:

1. Explain yourself.

They don’t care. They’re selfish and probably not even paying that much attention. If anything, they’re probably hoping they’re doing better than you. Spare them the details and avoid wasting your time.
2. Be ashamed of your not-so-average career path.

Entrepreneurship ain’t easy. It’s difficult, chaotic, and don’t try to underestimate the hard work you’ve put in to your work.
Now, here’s two things you should do:

1. Keep it simple.

Highlight the key focuses of the projects you’re currently working on. A boss babe’s to-do list is changing constantly and is forever long. Your current projects are the main subjects on your mind, anyway.

2.Leave a little to the imagination.

You could tell the basics how successful you will be one day, or, they could see your success firsthand in the near future. And how rewarding is that?

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