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Trying to juggle different tasks can be pretty hectic sometimes, but I have to admit, I love the challenge. I’m tired, but it’s a GOOD tired.

I’m constantly thinking of new projects and new topics to write about that can inspire women to do what they love in life. You would think that I handle one thing at a time but I don’t, I like everything to come at me at full speed! The more pressure, the better the #werk. It’s a structure that doesn’t #werk for everybody, I know.

What do I do you ask? I blog. I’m working on a T-shirt line. I write for a magazine. And most importantly, I’m a mom.

Every morning the first word that pops into my head is SLAY, get up and get shit done! I know sometimes it gets tough, but women can conquer anything!

How are you ladies multi-tasking?

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