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Right now, Instagram is the hot spot that every brand and business is trying to conquer for their lime light. The tough thing is getting your followers’ attention so that they don’t just scroll on by your posts like you don’t exist or even worse, unfollow you, especially when you have something you’re selling that could be of value for them.

Here are things you can go to make your intagram pictures pop.

1. Use High-Res Images

Images that are HD automatically get more love and they stand out because the majority of photos on instagram are not. Phone cameras are getting better and better by the day, but don’t be shy to use stock photos and other high-res images of yourself and other things you may have gotten professionally photographed for your business.

Great example account: @mstr_of_disguise

mstr_of_disguise_ bossbabe

2. Add A Distinct and tasteful watermark/logo

This totally gets underrated. Using this trick is powerful for two reasons.

1. When you can create a way for people to know that you are posting before they can even comprehend what it is that you posted, you are doing powerful #WERK. Get your audience used to seeing your logo or watermark when you post. This will allow your content to stand out from the rest of a the user’s feed and it can prepare and excite them to look at what you are offering.


2. If you’re posting really good content (which you should be) people will repost it! The best way to get credit and have others track you down is by leaving a watermark. People will search for you if they liked what your post was about. New followers, means new potential customers!

Great example account: @luxquotes

bossbabe lux quotes

3. Make People Laugh

When people are scrolling through instagram, they are most likely bored. If you can be the post that makes them laugh, you will gain lots of brownie points. People will not unfollow things that bring a smile to their face. In fact, they might do the opposite. They will become more attached to your personality/brand and may want to use your posts to express themselves. This is way meme culture is so exciting to me, because it is such a unique way to share and express feelings.

If you see a post that made you laugh, spread the joy and make other people laugh. People also connect very easily when they feel like they have a similar sense of humor as you or your business.

Great example accounts: @thingsbitchessay

thingsbitchessay bossbabe

4. Teach People Something

People are addicted to empowerment. If you can educate your audience with even a simple fun fact or trivia question, it will make them remember you. Also, they might tag a friend who might also be interested in what you’re sharing.

Great example account: @theglobalmovement

theglobal movement bossbabe

5. Make Your Own Edits

You don’t have to just share a good meme, quote or photo. You can make them. You can use apps like these to get started.

Great example account: @barbramemes 

bossbabe barbra memes

If you want to share any other great other example accounts, please share them in the comments!

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