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Audio with Natalie

Connect with our CEO on Instagram here and her blog here.

Interview with Luisa Lion

by Natalie Diver | Audio with Natalie

Natalie interviews Luisa: Live from Los Angeles!

Luisa loves to travel the world, work hard for her dreams and be a girlboss inspiration for her loyal fans and followers. Connect with Luisa on Instagram here and view Luisa's blog Style Roulette here.

Ways To Improve Your Sales Skills Right Now

by Natalie Diver | Audio with Natalie

I always hear people say... 'but I'm a terrible salesperson'.

I have one response.


For some reason, the word 'sales' has some not so positive annotations attached to it. Yet, the world goes round because of sales. The thing that makes your business either a success or a failure is sales. Being able to sell is one of a company's best assets. Ready to learn?

How to Get Through Exhausting Weeks

by Natalie Diver | Audio with Natalie

Answering a question I've been getting asked a lot this week!

Staying motivated is easy when you're working on something you're passionate about.

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