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Network Marketing – Legitimate Buisiness or Pyramid Scheme?

Network Marketing – Legitimate Buisiness or Pyramid Scheme?

Hey Babes!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article! Network Marketing holds a special place in my heart, and I believe it can benefit so many people. However, over time the term “Network Marketing” or “Multi-Level Marketing” have gotten a bad rap. People often jump to the conclusion that they are a Pyramid Scheme.

I’m here today to tell you the facts vs fiction about Network Marketing, why I love it and what to look and ask for if you’re thinking about joining a Network Marketing Company.

First of all, let’s de-bunk this whole “Pyramid Scheme” ordeal. Pyramid Schemes are illegal for starters, so any kind of professional or well-known entrepreneur isn’t going to put their name on something illegal that could harm their reputation or business. If you ever want to know if the company you’re being approached to join is legitimate, just head over to and look them up in the directory.

The main difference between a Pyramid Scheme and Network Marketing is that in a Pyramid Scheme there is no exchange of products or services. You only make money off recruits. In a Network Marketing company you will earn commissions on the profit of sales you make. Every Network Marketing company has different payout percentages so definitely make sure you ask for a copy of the compensation plan before joining any company. Network Marketing companies are NOT a “get rich quick” overnight – they take time and consistent effort just like any other business!

Network Marketing is ideal for someone who feels like they are meant for more, but maybe don’t know where to start. It’s a great way to get into the world of business without having to come up with your own product or service. If you join a good company, they will provide you with training & resources to grow your network and business – these are tools you will carry with you forever and can help when you get to a point where you are ready to launch your own product or service.

I joined a Network Marketing company February 2015. For the first time in a long time I was passionate about something again. I felt great because I was helping others and changing lives for the better.

A great benefit to Network Marketing is you can work it around your current lifestyle. You don’t need to run out and quit your job and have the stress of building a new business without a pay cheque. If done right and you have good leaders, you will learn to work it around your job until it gets to a point where it has supplemented your current income. This looks different for everyone. I’ve met people who have supplemented their income in 6 months, and some who take closer to 4 years – but it’s a plan B. There is no such thing as a secure corporate job anymore. I have heard handfuls of stories of people in network marketing who started it as something low-key to make a couple extra hundred dollars a month to go towards a vacation fund, and turned it into something big – then a few years down the road they lost their job and were thankful they had started their business when they did so they didn’t have the pressure and stress to pay bills and care for their families.

Now, not all network marketing companies are the same, so it is your responsibility to do your due diligence and do your research. You need to be with a company who’s products and ethics you stand behind. If you don’t believe or have a passion for what you are selling or distributing it will never work.

The whole point of “Network” Marketing is that you can market products you would use ANYWAYS to your network! It’s kind of like when you get a new pair of shoes and a friend comments and asks where you got them, you’re going to tell her the name of the store and the nice lady named Donna that helped you, and your friend will probably go see Donna and buy them! Did you make a profit off that? Nope! So why not do the exact same thing but make a profit from it?

So, next time you are approached by a friend or acquaintance or perhaps even a stranger – I encourage you to take the time to hear about the business opportunity they are presenting you with. Joining a Network Marketing company doesn’t have to be your entire life. I recently started my very own business on the side of my Network Marketing gig, and I truly believe I wouldn’t have been able to create it without the tools, resources and connections I made through my Network Marketing company. It has the potential to open so many doors for you.



6 Ways to Command respect as a woman

6 Ways to Command respect as a woman

Being a respectable person is one thing, but commanding respect is an entirely different thing.

Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to command respect from the second they walk into a room? Studies have shown that it takes people approximately 7 seconds from meeting you to form an impression of you.

So, whether your introducing yourself to someone for the first time or you want to be respected in already established relationships, i.e. boss, spouse, friends, I’m letting you in on a few different ways to make it happen.

1. Act like you deserve respect.

This seems like it doesn’t even need mentioning, but you would be surprised by how many people literally don’t feel they deserve respect.

Status and power are typically conveyed non-verbally by height and space. So standing tall, pulling your shoulders back, and holding your head straight!

These are all signals of confidence and competence and the easiest to work on starting today. Like, right now…

2. Set your boundaries

But, don’t just set them in your head. State them (when it’s appropriate) and make it very clear.

Try to stay away from words like, “I think,” or… “I don’t know” and especially, “I’m sorry”. I’ve noticed that women especially have this thing with the word “sorry”. We use it so loosely and too often.

There’s a thin line between coming off as polite and just plain, well… “sorry”.

Back to my point, set appropriate limits on what you’re willing (and able) to do, and what you are willing to accept or tolerate from others. Let your “YES” be yes, and your “NO” be no.

3. Dont overserve

I get it, we want to feel valuable and needed or just be helpful, but at what cost?

The problem with overserving is that you train others to expect this from you. They stop being grateful, because its expected of you.

“Serving” is fine. We women enjoy it within proper limits, but “overserving” causes unnecessary frustration and burnouts.

Mothers especially are known for putting our own needs last, and doing for others to the point of burnout.

Then, when you can’t follow through with promises, it makes you look unreliable which ultimately makes people lose respect for you.

5. Be assertive.

Stand up for yourself and others when necessary, without anger or rancor.

Ever heard of the saying, “Do no harm but take no sh*t”? Yasss to that.

If you stand up for and truly respect yourself, you don’t have need for anger. Remember, acting from anger will always hurt your cause.

4. Take care of yourself

If you always come off as super needy, people will begin to lose respect for you.

In the same token, if we don’t care for yourself – physically, emotionally, spiritually, how can we expect others to do so.

Dress well, even when it’s casual. And always, always, honor your time and commitments.

6. Stay calm and communicate

In the case, you need to be assertive and address someone that has disrespected you, you’ll want to remember “you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”.

I have been married for 7 years, so I’ve become somewhat as a master at this lol.

Keep it a discussion, not a fight. Don’t accuse or belittle. You want to be understood and respected, not to browbeat.

Rather, talk about the effect of their actions on you, your feelings and try to hold back tears and anger.

These are things to be aware of and practice daily, but you won’t necessarily master it tomorrow. Most importantly, if you respect your self most people will simply follow suit.

5 Sure Fire Ways to Build Your Self Belief

5 Sure Fire Ways to Build Your Self Belief

Want to know how to feel unstoppable?


Work on your self belief.

Having helped thousands of women to create lives of joy, personal power, and unstoppable success, I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to self belief.

We all want to let go of the doubts that we have around making a change, putting ourselves out there, starting a business or reaching a goal…

So why does it seem so challenging sometimes?

Self doubt is something that can creep up on us all.

Use these 5 sure fire ways to build your self belief this week:

Make an empowering decision

In order to build your self belief, you need actually commit to doing so in the first place. Every day you have the choice to show up as the best version of you – or to show up from a place of fear instead.

Decide today to show up as the best version of yourself and make a commitment to work on your self belief. Change takes intention, decision AND action. But first you have to decide.

Use the empowering mantra, “Today I choose to show up as my best self and fully believe in my power to be, do and have all that I desire”.

Create a positive state

You always feel better when you are in a positive peak state. When you’re positive, your brain is 39% more productive, which in turn means that you feel happier, and more powerful.

It’s time to jump up, play your favourite music, and bust out some moves! Dance your socks off, get your gangster on, scream and shout! Go all in, and feel your personal power and self belief rise.

Get clear on your vision

This is a vital step in building your self belief. Why? Because it builds your levels of hope and optimism. Take just 3 minutes each day to connect with your goals, your vision, and your why.
When you see your vision imagine a really clear picture of your best self and life. Imagine that you have a brightness control, and turn the brightness up. Make it brighter, bigger, more colourful, louder. The more you practice this the more you will see and believe that you can achieve it.

Tap in to a time you felt confident

Remind yourself of a time that you felt proud or accomplished. Remember how you felt during this experience, and make sure you have a smile on your face while you are remembering. Calling up feelings from the past like this, where you have felt proud, grateful and accomplished, allows you to feel that you have already achieved. You have done it before and you can do it again! Use this strength to carry you forwards with big belief!

Identify your cheerleaders

Surround yourself with lovers not haters. You are your environment and you become the product of those you surround yourself with, and their ambitions, views and judgements.

Find people that believe in you, are better than you, and have done before what you want to do. They know that you can do it and will instil that belief in you.

I know for myself that I only need one person to tell me they believe in me, and I’m filled with that unstoppable feeling.

Who is that person for you?

Enjoy taking these 5 keys and put them in to action this week. Intention is great, but to see a real difference in your self belief you have to be consistent and do the work.

Article by Niyc Pidgeon. Check out Niyc’s website and Instagram here.

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Top 5 superpowers every successful Boss Babe has:

Top 5 superpowers every successful Boss Babe has:

What separates the ordinary from the extraordinary? What differentiates the superhero’s from the civilians? Their superpowers of course. Luckily, we all have superpowers within us. It might take a traumatic experience for our powers to evolve, or perhaps a down word spiral and there’s no way to go but up.  We’re all born with the power to do something great and it is our mindset that can take us wherever we want to go. So what are the 5 superpowers or traits that I have seen after studying some of the most inspirational millennial women out there today?

1) Adaptability

“Tell me about a time when you adapted to a difficult situation and how you did it.” If you’ve ever interviewed for a job you know that’s one of the most typical interview questions. Let’s be real; things almost never go as planned but the faster you learn to bounce back from a situation the faster you will move forward. You might not have to deal with it being your own boss but it’s definitely still something that everyone faces and the most successful people are masters of adapting to their environment or situation.

2) Resilience

Webster defines resilience as “the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens.”  We are all capable of bouncing back when we’re at what feels like our lowest point. Some days will feel unbearable but every successful woman had those days. The idea is to crumble and bounce back even harder than before by taking action and turning the situation around. Don’t forget you’re the one in control.

3) Sympathy

Growing up, how many times have you been told to walk in other people’s shoes; that in order to get along with others you must see things from their point of view? As women we can make what some would call our weaknesses our strengths. Our ability to sympathize is one trait we can utilize in both our personal and professional life.

4)   Intuitive

This one can be a little tough to master but that’s why spending time balancing your mind, body, and soul is so crucial especially in this day and age where we can be so easily disconnected. Harness those gut instincts, and use that self-awareness to guide you in the right direction.

5)   Confidence

Last but not least, the cliché “confidence is key.” Every woman’s confidence shines in a different light because we all have varying personality types and that’s okay. The idea is to embrace your version of confidence. You have it in you just as much as the incredible women you’re looking up to.

Article by Jasmine Mann.
Check out Jasmine’s website here and Instagram here.

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