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1. What type of business do you own?

Mona Letha Hair. I sell hair extensions primarily used for weaves and wigs.

2. Who Inspired you?

I was actually inspired by need of quality hair. I have Alopecia and started wearing hair extensions purchased from beauty supplies which became extremley expensive because it didn’t last for long periods of time. As my hair loss progressed I decided to start wearing wigs.

In my search I only found wigs, that in my opinion, did not look as natural as weaved extensions. I began to make wigs for myself with the quality hair I invested in. The search for quality hair was a long process of elimination so I decided to share my great find and take the stress out of the experience for someone else.

3. What’s the “Good, Bad, and Ugly?” of being a entrepreneur?

The good is there are no limits on the level of sucess I can obtain. I control by my destiny. I don’t know if this is really bad but there is so much to know and do and I’m required to learn quick because the sucess or failure of my business depends soley on me.

The ugly is being disappointed by other entreprenueurs I wanted to support that were selling things from branding assistance to marketing assistance or hair labels, website development, flyers etc. making promises to offer a service or quality products that they were either uable to deliver or live up to. Being a customer for a second but the ultimate brand ambassador for my business the very next.

It has a cost thats paid for both financially and mentally in stress. My greatess disappointments in business to date have NOT come from any customer interaction its been from the very people I genuinely wanted to support and pay for a service. I’m on the right track now I have great associates!

4.Where do you see your business in 10 years?

Extremely productive and stable because the demand for hair extensions are here to stay. The brand that I’m developing will expand. It will be expanded to multiple, relevant products. I’ll be receiving mulitple streams of income. The products we use today wil evolve and who knows how they will be used in 10 years with the out of the box inventions happening around us ever so quickly in this industry.

5. What’s your ultimate goal/purpose behind what you’re doing?

Ultimately, I will help other people with Alopecia or any form of hair loss, that are not particularly looking to join the bald movement. I want them to know they have options in my company the way I do.

I will be producing natural looking wigs for them and it will not be limited to women because I will never forget as a child a classmate had Alopecia Totalis (of course I had no idea what that was as a child) we just knew she wore a wig that was made for an adult and it made her stand out from the rest of the students. We became friends and I would protect her because the little boys would make fun of her I remember her not wanting to leave the bathroom one day because it was too overwhelming. Once I have mastered wig making my goal is to make wigs for children experiencing hair loss so that will have one less obstacle to conquer and simply enjoy life as normal as possible.

6. What makes you a #BOSSBABE?

I would have to say I’m a BOSSBABE because of my determination to win. No matter how crazy this first year has been I will not lose, I will not quit (although it has crossed my mind) I have the vision and it’s been made plain. I just have to keep pressing towards it until its a reality. Someone needs to receive the overflow of my gift from God and I’m determined to live out my purpose that makes me a #BOSSBABE!

7.If you could collaborate with 1 business/person who would it be?

I would love to collaborate with Ericka King CEO of the Luxe Group we have had very similar life experiences and she managed to build very lucrative businesses in spite of it all. She took what life dealt and made great business decisions and maximized the opportunity that God presented.

8. Do you believe there is a sisterhood within business? Or Do you think people are only concerned with their brands?

I do believe there is a sisterhood in business its been a struggle to find that but I know it exists. Sometimes we are to shy to type an email and ask for the tie that binds. I have reached out to people that are too busy running their own business to help they may feel its to much responsibility and can’t incorporate any more onto their plate.

They have a sisterhood with others I see it. When the time is right it will happen for me as well because I have faith that whats for me is for me and it will not be denied because it will be presented too perfectly. I do believe people are concerned with their brand and rightfully so. I can only imagine the number of people looking to link with the people that are running sucessfull businesses, there may be an overwhelming amount of requests and they can’t help us all at the same time they would be in need of replenishing.

We just have to be patient and know if they accomplished, if they survived so can we. There is no lack in the universe there is enough increase and prosperity to go around we just have to have the right attitude because I do believe it determines our altitude. You can chose to be sad and stagnite or joyfully press forward even if its slow its still forward progression.

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