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bossbabe lotus knives
What type of business do you own? 

I own a lifestyle consultant brand called PrettyFULL  based off the lessons we’ve learned (and still learning) together during a twenty year friendship I have with my best friend and biz partner Bunny Bisono. We learned that in order to live (like really be awake and alive) you must first become WHOLE, a complete person in every aspect (mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually). In doing that you allow your greatness to co-create with the Universe  higher power, God whoever you connect with ya’ll its all love) you are able to find your purpose and use it to bring wealth, adventure, happiness and love into your world.

It sounds overwhelming but wasn’t because we had each other to depend on. So we thought what if we make a community that can develop strong friendship and self love. Hence PrettyFULL was created.

I am a partner and executive creative consultant for Limitless Queens Cosmetics & Glam agency by my sister Candi Marie which is all about being glam and giving back to the community. All of our efforts are to remind women we are queens and we can maintain our reign anyway we choose. We are beyond beautiful whether we decide to be super glam or all natural, whatever gives the strength to walk in any space and shut. It. Down. Were pretty much with it.

And I am Executive Creative Marketing Director & partner to Ultimate Dream Entertainment (UDE) along with my mentor & friend Tazz LP. We create opportunities for young models of color to be properly trained to be a model. That means knowing the business, your angles, wardobe, casting calls we go over it all. Over 4,000 models have been trained and signed to major agencies and are flourishing.

Again, its all about influencing the masses to challenge their belief of whats considered beautiful and of worth in societies eyes.

Who inspired you?

My mother, Grandmother, Papoo, Madam C.J. Walker, Cleopatra, Steve Jobs, Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King JR, Will Smith, my friends and my TRIBE inspire me everyday to be strong, laugh hard and just kick ass in every way possible. Anyone who has the balls enough to live their lives for themselves in a productive manner is an inspiration as well. Oh and shoutout head bossbabe Alex she’s like everything.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In 5 years I see myself with a successful influential singing career. PrettyFULL, Limitless Queens & UDE being successfully affective in our pursuits to create social waves of creative change internationally. All while continuously magnetizing unlimited wealth, beautiful health and happiness into my life and into the lives of those I love deeply. Oh and finally being able to do the scorpion pose!

Who do you listen to to get yourself pumped up?

Okay I am a HUGE music fan so I just made a list of ten artists instead so I don’t write a essay.

1. Anything Michael Jackson
2. The entire ‘ Because of the Internet’ album by Childish Gambino (I’ve written my best proposals jamming to this)
3. Rihanna, Yonce & Nicki have me hair flipping for DAYS
4. ‘Failure’ by Alan T. (an upcoming artist from Queens) sums up so much in my live
5. Aaliyah’s Aaliyah album front to back leaves me feeling whole and ready to take on whatever
6. Faded by Essence, Solar Da Don & LS from my music team SoundSociety
7. The entire ‘G I R L’ album by Pharrell especially Gust of Wind & It Girl
8. Anything Nirvana (love ‘come as you are’)
9. Anything Stevie Wonder
10. ‘Who gon stop me’ by Jay & Kanye (honestly anything from these two is enough to get me feeling like Steve Jobs)

Learn more about Lotus Knives here or follow her on Instagram!


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