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When it’s time to brand your business, or infuse vibrance in your design, there’s nothing like the power of color psychology.

Color psychology is the study of colors and the visual cues they communicate.

Proper understanding of color psychology can positively affect the results of your choices for brand design, particularly on your website, business cards, brochures and even your prototypes.

Here are three colors you should consider somehow for your branding.

You’ll recognize these colors and feel they’re cliché, but once you’ve ready their psychological profiles, you’ll see why they’re so popular.


Tried and true, blue is a color associated with friendliness and loyalty. Seen as sincere, blue is a reserved, responsible, and quiet color that commands respect through tradition and trustworthiness.

You can witness the power of blue in the corporate world, especially in financial institutions.

Banks, investment companies, and other financial services brands employ conservative tones of blue to denote reliability and security.


Red stimulates the senses and excites people – literally!

Studies have shown that red pumps up your blood pressure and heart rate. Red has powerful and positive attributes for branding. It’s lustful, energetic, fast, confident, warm, and passionate.

Because red is such a fervent, motivating color, it’s best used in businesses that want to encourage impulsive behavior.

Restaurants love to use red, and are encouraged to, because it’s known to boost your appetite. (Ironically, shades of blue are said to calm and dull the appetite.)


White is a color of cleanliness and purity. Luxury designs love white because it’s a clean palette that reflects color well, and opens space.

Light, goodness, brilliance, and simplicity are just some of the keywords associated with this shade.

White invokes feelings of fresh beginnings and safety.

Its lightness infuses innocence in design, allowing it contrast beautiful with thick, heavy colors, including black.

White is cool and fresh, but it can also be seen as delicate.

Bonus Color

Black means Business

Black is said to be the absence or negation of color.

When it comes to brands, black is a color that goes with nearly everything. It provides a clean, formal energy that places focus on the design and content.

Black imparts class and elegance in products, making it a favorable color for luxury brands, which tend to favor simplicity in design.

Black is an excellent choice for sales professionals because it’s clean, basic, and slimming.

Black can be perceived as unfriendly, but in business it denotes power and authority.

When you wear it in the right outfits, it imparts sophistication, grace, and confidence.

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