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3 Things That Every Popular Brand Is Applying To Their Website Right Now

3 Things That Every Popular Brand Is Applying To Their Website Right Now

Businesses, either being physically allocated or online, need a webpage in one way or another. The majority, if not all, have a web presence to establish their business. Presenting yourself online offers stakeholders to access what your business is about.

When we start up this process, most of us will be inclined to find a basic web layout, and fill out the rest of the necessities for the page. Well, it looks like going into 2015 and further, web page layout is crucial for marketing your company and gaining attention!

There are web page design trends that have been proven to work, and push past the norm of other websites. Besides, who wants to be  a follower?!

1. Multi-Media Compatibility

Back Camera

 This may seem like a given fact that our webpage should be compatible to work on your computer, phone, and tablet. Surprisingly,  many businesses still haven’t upgraded their layouts to meet phone and tablet quality.

When you don’t upgrade your layout, your user engagement will decrease! With technology making us more responsive and needing things fast, many won’t have the patience to read a smaller font and increase the size of the page.

Responsive web designs will allow your stakeholders to access your webpage from their computer and phone, and have the same user engagement without the hassle!

Tip: There are many web layout designs you can buy, or receive help to create, that are compatible on all devices. Look for their trials, and see how it feels for you to look at it from a computer and laptop.

As well, if there are specific websites you’ve been eyeing, usually at the bottom of the page you can find the layout design or web creator who made it for them.

2. Video and/or Impactful Images

Have you visited a website that automatically had a video or images conquer the page? Did it also catch your attention to watch or view the content, and still received information on the business?

The trend of adding videos and images to your webpage has taken over! HD quality videos and photos are being used to explain what the company does, who they are, and much more, instead of writing a whole page on it.

Adding videos and photos make your company more authentic, interactive, and easier for stakeholders to access information. Many don’t have the time, or need, to read a whole page on what your company does. Adding videos that are fun, interactive, and simple to the point, will catch more attention!

Some examples of websites who do this perfectly are FitBit, Skype, and Samsung, and Risen Church.

Tip: Since you don’t want your webpage to be boring, make sure the photos and videos are not as well! Take good quality photos that are fun, and videos that are informative and engaging. A great example to learn more is with lifestyle marketing in last month’s business trends report.

3. Typography


We’ve been accustomed to the usual fonts like Times New Roman, Ariel, and Calibri for our website because they’re trusted.

Well, now you can go further! The latest trend for web design is typography with your header title, and content.

The three trends that have been noticed are handwritten fonts, mix and match fonts, and larger fonts.

All three of these add a personal aspect, and easier readability for your stakeholders. Handwriting fonts look authentic and creative, mix and match are rebellious and playful, and larger fonts grab people’s attention.

Great examples:

Tip: Experiment with the vast amount of fonts on Word or Illustrator. It’s recommended to have at least 5 examples of different fonts to experiment with. Once those are settled, try out kerning where you alter the spacing between letters to move them closer or farther apart.

That Hot Chick That Clooney Married Is More Than A Hot Chick, She’s A #BOSSBABE

That Hot Chick That Clooney Married Is More Than A Hot Chick, She’s A #BOSSBABE

“It’s a humbling thing when you find someone to love. Even better if you’ve been waiting your whole life . . . and when your whole life is 53 years. . . . Amal, whatever alchemy it is that brought us together, I couldn’t be more proud to be your husband.”  George Clooney, Golden Globes Acceptance Speech for the Lifetime Achievement Award

At that moment I may have had watery eyes, and muttered an “awe!”, but it truly was a special moment for Amal Alamuddin.

We’ve all heard about their famous wedding in 2014, and thought right away “Who is this woman?”. The only thing I knew was that she was a human-rights lawyer, and that’s it. The attention after that has still been on George Clooney, which Amy and Tina joked about at the Golden Globes. But what is Amal Alamuddin all about?!

Amal has actually done so many amazing things and has #werked her butt off to get where she is today. To me, she is a great role model to be successful, hardworking, and a #BOSSBABE in whichever career I choose.

Now for people who don’t know much about Amal, let me give you some interesting facts that make her a true #BOSSBABE:

Studying Years

Amal studied at Oxford University getting her Bachelors of Arts in Jurisprudence (law in simpler form). During that time she received a scholarship, and the Shrigley Award.
After her bachelors, she continued to study at New York University School of Law to receive her Masters of Laws degree.During that time she was working at the United States Court of Appeals and at the International Court of Justice.


  • She specializes in criminal law, international law, human rights and extradition law at the law firm she works for.
  • A few of her clients have been the infamous Enron company, Arthur Anderson (accounting firm that made up the Big Five), and Julian Assange (WikiLeaks founder).
  • Amal has been heavily involved with the UN including missions with Syria for their terrorism operations.
  • Been asked and declined to join the UN commission to investigate regulations with the Israel-Gaza Conflict.
  • Gotten involved with William Hague (British Foreign Secretary) and female campaigners to discuss how to strengthen international efforts with sexual violence in conflict zones.

So not only is she gorgeous AND married to one of the hottest guys alive, but she’s a smart and sophisticated chica. We’re routing for you Amal!

Just Like That, The First Week Of 2015 Is Over!

Just Like That, The First Week Of 2015 Is Over!

It’s crazy just to think that last week I was contouring my face like Kim Kardashian, getting dressed up like I was going to the red carpet, and writing down my list of resolutions for the changes I want to see this year.

Well week one of 2015 is officially over, and honestly I haven’t taken any first steps to do something about my resolutions. Does this sound similar to you? It probably does because we’re all back to work and school, so starting our resolutions can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help you out:

Are your resolutions realistic?

We’ll all have things on our list that are hard to achieve, but something that we desire to have the most. It’s the ultimate resolution! You expect this to change your life and kept telling yourself on Dec. 31st that this will be the year to achieve it. Now looking back a year ago (sorry bad joke!), how much closer are you? Probably not even an inch.

Now it’s the time for you to revaluate it and see if it is realistic according to who you are, and your time commitment. For myself I wrote down how I would study a chapter of photography every week, but looking back, I haven’t even gotten an book! So I had to change this resolution and make it more realistic by saying that I’ll take photography school during the summer when I have time.

Time will Go

Like I mentioned, we’re all back at school, work, and life. Our free time has really cut down significantly, and those spare moments you have you’d rather spend watching The Bachelor.

Well it’s time to pull out a schedule or planner and fill it in with your “must” commitments, and then fill in the spare time with the essentials being to exercise, visit your friends, and further the progress of your resolution. The Bachelor will always be on, so save that for another time and get your resolutions at the forefront.

Visual Reminders

“I’m going to do this!”, is this the thought you keep telling yourself but don’t get anywhere? That’s me practically every morning, but then I lose that train of thought within a minute. Sometimes relying on our thoughts and internal motivation doesn’t really move us. Having an external motivation is an ongoing reminder of what we want, so it makes sense to do that for our resolutions.

Some things you can do:
– You can print out imagines of what you want
– Cut out pictures of yourself and attach them to images of where you want to be
– Even tell yourself you’ll buy a new pair of shoes if you hit a major point in your resolution

Proof That Christmas Is Meant For Fun And Not Stress

Proof That Christmas Is Meant For Fun And Not Stress

With all the hustle and bustle that us #BOSSBABES are facing right now, it may seem impossible to get into the Christmas spirit. The crowded malls make us feel so lost, the amount of money spent will be slapped on our face with our credit card statements, and the pressure from loved ones to spend some time with us can be quite stressful. Makes senses why they say it’s the most stressful time of year right?!
If we set aside all the stressful points of Christmas, it’s actually a great holiday that reminds us what we have in our #BOSSBABE lives.

Here are some lines from christmas songs that prove that Christmas is about having a good time:
“Faithful friends who are dear to us, Gather near to us once more.”

With everything we’ve achieved this year, it couldn’t have been done without the support from our friends and family. They were there for us from the beginning, and are still our number one supporters. Get a chance to take a break from work and thank everyone one of them individually, and cherish the moments you’ll have as well.

“From now on, our troubles will be out of sight.”

You know how they always say that when you compare your problems with others, yours aren’t as bad as it may see? There are things we may have not accomplished, or even failed this year, but when we take a step back, it really isn’t that bad. This time of year teaches us to appreciate all that we have, what we’ve done, and to be thankful for everything. You’ve done so many amazing things that you should give yourself the warmest Christmas hug ever! Even if that is a wine of glass!
“What a bright time, it’s the right time, To rock the night away.”
After endless hours of work, and amazing things we’ve done this year, you deserve to take a break. This holiday is all about having fun and creating memories, so why not after working our asses off this year, take a break and treat yourself! Celebrate all you have accomplished, the battle’s you’ve fought, and the determination to keep doing you!

The Truth About Kendall Jenner And Other Celebs Who Don’t Have To #Werk As Hard As The Rest Of Us

The Truth About Kendall Jenner And Other Celebs Who Don’t Have To #Werk As Hard As The Rest Of Us

Just recently Kendall Jenner received criticism for her rise in modeling only due to her famous last name. A model named Aricse Wanzer wrote an open letter to Kendall explaining how she reached her place in modeling from many years of hard work and loss. She claims that Kendall only needed her mom’s assistance and the added title of her last name to land a place with some of the biggest designers.

We’ve all had experiences working with people who got everything handed to them like free candy. You’ll work nights and days with mental scars from your hard work, while this other person can just barely pass with a small chip on their new manicure. Sounds familiar? I’m sure it does.


It may also seem that sometimes you wish you were in their shoes getting by easy, but actually it’s yourself, the hardworking #BOSSBABE, who is actually doing more for yourself and your work. Instead of letting the effortless of Jenner get to you, here are somethings to remember on your journey.

Every small achievement is like an Oscar.

Time flies, your effort is pushing you past the limit, and you feel that nothing is moving forward. Unexpectedly something small comes out to remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing. Having moments like these feel like the biggest rewards for us. We learn to appreciate our hard work with this small reward, and we feel like we won, no matter how big or small that reward was. When you just get everything handed to you, you don’t truly appreciate the small things.

Your building skills and character!

Who do you think will have the most amount of experience? Clearly you!
You’ve been through failures and losses, and have had so many things happen along the way that you can say you have built your skill set. With the amounts of problems you’ve had to face, you were able to find a solution and a lesson to keep.
With the remarkable list of skills, you can handle any situation that falls in your lap. You know how at interviews they always ask “Tell me a time where you were faced with a problem and how did you solve it?” Well you will have lots of examples to use!

Everyone loves the underdog

Why do you think people always use success stories of those who have had to struggle to get to where they are? They’re favoured because we look up to them. We want to read their stories, their mistakes and successes, and feel that they can inspire us in so many ways.

We can all apply our lives to their story’s, so that’s why us underdogs are looked up to.
If you continue to work hard, and prove the odds, you can one day become that success story for others.
I’m not criticizing Kendall in any way, but the dilemma from this story I felt was something we can all relate to. We’ve all been in Aricse Wanzer’s shoes, but the only thing you should take away from this is, what can you do to still prove you have the ability to succeed?

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