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Last week I talked about the necessity of delegation.  Now, I want to share a really short, simple exercise to help you pinpoint where you may need to delegate responsibilities and where you may just need to refine your approach to them instead!

Start with a blank sheet of paper or new document and section it off into four quarters, titled as such:

Top Time Sucking Tasks:

Most Loathed Tasks:

Favorite Tasks:

Most Difficult Tasks to Streamline/ Regulate:

Next, fill in several answers under each category. Whatever comes to mind, just write it on down. Don’t even think about it. The first things that come to your mind are probably the most relevant.

After each section has a few tasks named under each, make connections between which tasks are under multiple sections and how this is relevant to the way your workload is helping you or hindering you. (I drew lines to connect mine, because Im very visual. If you’re like me, then a few highlighters and a pen & pad are the best way to do this.)

For me, things like photography and numbers came up in both my “Most Loathed Tasks” and my “Top Time Sucking Tasks” and since that’s a rather unfortunate combo, I sought to outsource my photography else where. I wanted to put more time into the task of numbers (inventory, income, taxes, bills, etc.), which I may not love, but is ever so relevant to my small business that I have to bite the bullet on that one & refine that task instead of outsourcing.

When refining your approach to a dull or tedious task on your list, just remember to be as clever as you can. Building better habits should feel good, not like a punishment (that way you’ll actually stick to them & wont hate your life in the process).

For instance, I could simply resolve to spend an extra hour a week to crunch numbers but I wont because honestly that just sounds sucky af and I only want to do awesome shit, SO I’ve decided to start using an app to streamline all of my “numbers” into one program & it even imports data from my Etsy shop, making my job a million percent easier & my numbers more accurate & constantly up to date at the same time. Additionally, my bi weekly ‘fine tooth comb’ review of accounts will now be cleverly scheduled just before my pedi’, so once I’m done with the math I’m rewarded with good ol’ fashioned pampering! Ya!

Make small tweaks to this model according to the needs of your business & let us know how this worked for you.

For myself I found it best to refine most of my tasks instead of outsourcing things that were more practical for me to do, if I could just make my processes more smooth and thought out. (Thinking of solutions can be both fun and revolutionary for your business, should you insist on them being such. You’re the boss. Duh!)

This was a great check up for Bleu Gardens. Hopefully, this exercise opens your eyes to a few new ways to streamline your own process, too! After all, I want my business to run like a well oiled machine, don’t you?

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