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Have you ever watched a brand on social media grow at a fast pace and wondered “How the hell did they do that?”. By the way, I’m talking about real followers. You know, the ones that actually like and comment on pictures? Followers that love the brand and end up buying from them? Yeah, those.

There’s a simple strategy you can use to increase your following. Now before I get into this, I just want to point out something really important.

If you feel like your business is not going to do well unless you have tons followers, please save yourself the misery. That is not how it works. Followers don’t mean money. They just don’t.

Okay…so are you ready to hear this method that viral accounts use?

They ride the trend. 😎

There is a magical thing that happens to the world when something major is going on that a lot of people are paying attention to. People connect by using hashtags and their phones and within just seconds, they can learn all about something that happened on the other side of the world. We are living in such an interconnected time, I don’t think we even realize it.

The beauty about this connection is that you have access to billions of people at your finger tips and you can get good business from it if you know what you’re doing.

How to ride the trend:

1. Find trends that fit with your brand

Do the best you can to stay on top of the news that your potential client cares about. If you know what your customer is passionate about and they compliment your beliefs or your brand’s mission, then use it! Use it. Use it. Use it.

For example when a new meme or saying is popular, how can you use it with your brand? If a major celebrity has a fashion fail, how can you express you or brands voice about the garment?

Some brands cover events like the red carpet or the super bowl using their own unique commentary just to gain new followers.

People scrolling on social media like seeing things that are relevant to what they care about. Commenting on a trend you know they have an opinion about gives them another reason to connect with you.

Remember when this went viral? This artist posted this a day or two before the new years. 

Remember when this went viral? This artist posted this a day or two before the new year. Smart huh?

2. Talk about trends they hate

I’m not kidding. Just as you much as you can talk about what you and your potential customer may both like, you can talk about something you know both of you don’t like. If your ideal client is someone who could care less about the Oscars, then talk about that. It will help them feel connected and not alone. I know I have felt an extreme connection to certain bloggers when they are open about the things they don’t like.

Some may say it’s “negative” but negative or not, a connection is easily made when two people find out they both don’t like the same thing. I know you’ve done it before.

3. Use hashtags when they are happening

Hashtags are like little exposure bombs during a trend. Sure, everyone is using the hashtag at the same time but everyone is also scrolling through the hashtag at the same time. That small amount of exposure to billions of people at once can get you some leads onto potential sales. Especially if you have something interesting to say that pops up for them.

I hope you find these tips useful. Don’t be afraid to ride the trend. Don’t worry dolls, I have more amazing stuff like this coming. Stay tuned!

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