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Trying to find good quality pictures online can be really disappointing. Most of them are generic, distasteful and undyingly awkward.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We  did some research and found seven places you can go to get high-res, good quality images to decorate your website, emails and marketing material. We also forgot to tell you the best part, they’re all free.

1. Unsplash


Unsplash allows you to have access to ten photos to pick from, free to use, a day. Most of them are of beautiful landscapes. The theme of their photos are sort of dreamy an mysterious. Good for featured images on blog posts or backgrounds for an infographic. They do require attribution, so make sure you leave credit and/or a link to their site.



PicJumbo has a huge library of really beautiful shots. Their food photography is exceptional but they also have photos of desktops, cities and activity that are easy on the eye. Their content is free but they offer a premium subscription for $6 a month and you don’t have to worry about the populous ads that cover the page. With the subscription, you also have access to some of the most high end galleries. Most of their images do not require attribution.



Pixabay is best for easily finding stunning photos. They have a simple, easy-navigate search engine which makes it easy to organize which photos are best for you. Most of their images do not require attribution.

4.IM Free


IM Free has fresh, crisp and bold photographs that will make your website turn heads. Their categories consist of templates, people, business, icons, technology, health, food and drinks, sports and fitness. The list goes on and on. Most of their images do not require attribution. 

5. Gratisography


Made by the artist and web designer, Ryan MgGuire, Gratisography has many fun and experimental shots that you won’t find anywhere else. There is also a nice blend of modern images and vivid nature shots. Most of their images do not require attribution.

6. MourgeFile


Mourgefile doesn’t have the most populated library, but they do rank pretty high when it comes to variety. They have simple and statement worthy photography.Most of their images do not require attribution.

7. New Old Stock 


New Old Stock is a vast collection of interesting pieces taken by government agencies or found in estate sale briefs. All the photos are in the public domain and often just fascinating. They are fun to use to add a vintage layer to your marketing material.

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