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pink messageAsk and receive good business advice.

Ask business questions, bounce ideas and plan meet-ups in our members forum. Members all across the globe are forming new friendships and gaining high-quality connections to add into their circle with our forum. 

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Success Meetings.

Each month we host either an educational live call or webinar to connect with some of the internet’s most trusted consultants and coaches. We discuss things like financial education, networking strategies and self-development. Sharpen your networking skills with the team!


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Upload your own photo and a short description to share who you are to potential customers and business partners to our members directory. You and other members will be able to search for Boss Babes based on location and/or business field.

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It’s a weekly duty to spotlight a member from our community each week that will be posted on the main network dashboard and across our social media platforms of over 100k followers. You’d have to be crazy to miss out on a chance like that! 


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Explore our our mega database of business tools. Each your week your inbox will receive top-quality business resources that will teach you things like how to make your ads better, your sales soar and your business run flawlessly.

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Our “Lux Classes” cover topics such as financial wisdom, business plan setups, time management etc. Once you a member, you will have full access to these courses 24/7 at all times. 

Become an Official Bossbabe!

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what our members have to say:

“I’ll be honest with you, I was beginning to think I was alone. I had already lost hope in our generation. To be a part of a Netwerk™ full of like-minded, intelligent, beautiful, young women has restored my hope in humanity! “

Alexya Taylor


“I’ve made connections and even got a client through the Boss Babe Network.”

Toni Patterson

Director & Creator, Skye Media Group

“This Network is my secret weapon for creative biz success. A kick ass community of clever, driven and passionate babes that inspire and motivate me like no where else.”

Jaclyn Carlson

Director, Blog Society

“What I love about the Bossbabe Network, is that I don’t feel like I have to do business the “cookie cutter” way. Its okay to be spunky, hip and trendy. I want to appeal to someone like me, like us, and I’m discovering that there are plenty of people like us. Thank you!”

Seana Ray

Creative Entrepreneur

Become an Official Bossbabe!

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how the average millennial woman spends her money:

bossbabe starbucksA recent study by shows that most millennials between the ages of 18-35 spend about $25 a week on coffee. That’s approximately $100 a month or $1,200 a year.

bossbabe make upAccording to a presentation by Self Magazine’s Vice President, Laura McEwen, at the Fashion Group International Beauty Symposium, millennial women spend an average of $784 per month on beauty products, even though 94% of them are in debt.

who this membership is for:

Ambitious Millennial Women That are: 

  • millennial business women boss babeEntrepreneurs who want to grow their Network

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in building a business

  • Post-college and high school grads who are looking for career and lifestyle guidance

  • Ambitious Millennial Women who Want To Live The Good Life

Become an Official Bossbabe!

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