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Some of us have that stuff you just can’t buy. It’s either in you or its not. Being a #BOSSBABE is seriously a lifestyle. You can find it in our music, fashions sense and sleeping patters. Some signs are more obvious then others. Like for example, being obsessed with checking your email or the amount of blazers you have.

Here are six super easy ways to tell if you’ve spotted a #BOSSBABE:

1. Witty sense of humor


Sorry, BossBabes aren’t corny. We’re funny at times unintentionally, quick on our toes with a sharp tongue.

2. Ambitious Nature


We see past the words no, can’t, don’t, I don’t think you can. Those words roll off our shoulders like water. We will figure it out and get it done.

3. Fashion Conscience and Rebellious


BossBabes are fun and fearless when it comes to fashion. We learn the rules like a pro to break them like an artist daily.

4. Results Driven

Goals are great to have but its the results you get from achieving goals that keeps us going. We’re obsessed with results. If the process produces results we keep going.

5. Self Starter


That’s a given, what Boss really isn’t.

6. Great taste in music

You can’t be a Bossbabe and have a whack taste in music. Just doesn’t make sense. *ques Jay Z track*

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