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Stuck in a marketing rut? Add these 5 kick ass power moves to improve your brand potential. Exercises are included!

1. Be An Active Listener

You should be tuned in to what’s being said about your brand, services or product. Pay attention to reviews and feedback on your various platforms. Treat questions, thoughts and comments as actionable opportunities to make improvements.

Exercise #1: Take some time to acknowledge your audience, express your gratitude for their support just make sure it’s an authentic interaction. Carve out a set amount of time weekly for you or your community manager to engage with your customers, sincerely.

2. Be An Actionable Planner

Having a weekly marketing strategy will help increase your marketing results.

Exercise #2: Create a weekly marketing strategy to achieve short-term goals. Layout four actionable steps to help create weekly milestones.

Boost Marketing Tips: Ask yourself:
• What’s the main objective?
• What’s the goal?
• What the tactics?
• How will I get there?

3. Be Seen

What’s your marketing style? According to Trend Reports, consumers love imagery, and seeing visually appealing content within the proper context creates positive emotion.

Boost Marketing Tips: Amp up the visuals in your materials by:
A. Incorporating info-graphics (ex: Pikochart)
B. Illustrations / graphics and
C. Photos. Don’t have a big fancy camera? Use your smart phone to capture the moment. Give your photography a profession polish with app like Snapseed and VSCO.
Exercise #3: Produce at least two new visually stimulating marketing materials this week by using one of the samples above. Track how they compare to your other posts and share if there was any gain.
3. Be Fearless. Be Flawless. Be Beyoncé. – Kidding. Not kidding.

We can all learn from her incredible marketing skills. Those skills include being fearless, flawless and frank. She’s not afraid to fail, reinvent herself and capture the attention.

Exercise #4: Checkout this journal, “Do one thing ever day that scares you” by Dian G. Smith and Robie Rogge. This handy little fear-facing encouragement guide will help you ignite your bravery. 

Boost Marketing Tips:
• Be unconventional in your approach.
• Perfect your marketing strategy and
• Create sticky content your audience will adore.

5.Be A Social Media Marketer

There are more social media marketing tools outside of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram that will stretch your network. These additional platforms could help enhance your growth and audience.

Exercise #5: Sign up for another social marketing tool within context to your business or industry. For example if you’re a designer you should be on Behance and or Dribble. If you’re Photographer you should be on 500 Pixels or Flicker. And if you’re a small business I suggest being on Pintrest or LinkedIn.

BONUS: Don’t go over board with signing up to new platforms. Most media mavens can sustain a real presence in about 3 communities, anything more that that and you’re taking the risk of spreading yourself too thin. Don’t be too social, you have work to do my friend.

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