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Making your business stand out on the market might seem a goal hard to accomplish. Being aware of that fact, I want to share with you some tips that will get your company out of obscurity and into a lot of engagement on your website.

1. Flat Design

Maybe you’ve already heard about flat design. Its pattern is appreciated by people around the world, representing a mix between other different styles as swiss and minimalism. It’s basically a display type that only shows images that look mostly 2D versus getting much 3D involved.

Being simple but also drawing audience’s attention, flat design succeeded to bring simplicity on another level making your website look extremely sophisticated.





Check out more examples here.

2. Hi-Res Statement Image

Another trend that you should follow in order to gain followers and subscribers to your company website is represented by full screen images and videos, positioned on your homepage. Businesses around the globe use this major trend in order to offer dynamism to their services.

This shows people a glimpse of their professionalism at first sight.

3. Ghost Buttons

If you choose to implement this type of design in your website, is recommended to add some ghost buttons in order to make it look futuristic. The ghost feature was developed a long time ago, being used very often in Hollywood movies but appeared in design much later, when this profession felt the need for diversity.

How these ghost buttons work? They are extremely useful when the only action required is represented by the one that your button provide. Let’s imagine that you want to add a “Start” button, as a call to action point. If this focus point is developed as a ghost button, you will provide to your audience a different experience, your website looking very complex but being easy to use.





4. Parallax Scrolling

If these design themes didn’t fit your needs and preferences, maybe the parallax scrolling sites technique is what you’re looking for. This new trend became very popular in the last few years, developing from the idea of traditional animations and used permanently in video games or 2D computer graphics.

To see an example of the parallax scrolling visit the #Bossbabe homepage or click here for other examples.

5. Grid Layout

Another option is to add the grid layout to your website, a feature implemented for the first time by Pinterest and taken over by the most skilled designers. Presenting your products in a different manner will show the world that you think out the box, coming with creative ideas that allow every user to search for the perfect item, every column being well structured.





Using the latest trends in your company website design will increase the number of engagements, putting emphasis on the products you’re selling. These methods offer you the opportunity to gain visibility and recognition, the new techniques generation opening many doors for you than before. Everything is simple and smooth, providing unique and different experience for every user that discover your company. Is very important to show your professionalism and implementing a design that fits your company personality might be the essential key that brings your success.

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