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Want to know how to feel unstoppable?


Work on your self belief.

Having helped thousands of women to create lives of joy, personal power, and unstoppable success, I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to self belief.

We all want to let go of the doubts that we have around making a change, putting ourselves out there, starting a business or reaching a goal…

So why does it seem so challenging sometimes?

Self doubt is something that can creep up on us all.

Use these 5 sure fire ways to build your self belief this week:

Make an empowering decision

In order to build your self belief, you need actually commit to doing so in the first place. Every day you have the choice to show up as the best version of you – or to show up from a place of fear instead.

Decide today to show up as the best version of yourself and make a commitment to work on your self belief. Change takes intention, decision AND action. But first you have to decide.

Use the empowering mantra, “Today I choose to show up as my best self and fully believe in my power to be, do and have all that I desire”.

Create a positive state

You always feel better when you are in a positive peak state. When you’re positive, your brain is 39% more productive, which in turn means that you feel happier, and more powerful.

It’s time to jump up, play your favourite music, and bust out some moves! Dance your socks off, get your gangster on, scream and shout! Go all in, and feel your personal power and self belief rise.

Get clear on your vision

This is a vital step in building your self belief. Why? Because it builds your levels of hope and optimism. Take just 3 minutes each day to connect with your goals, your vision, and your why.
When you see your vision imagine a really clear picture of your best self and life. Imagine that you have a brightness control, and turn the brightness up. Make it brighter, bigger, more colourful, louder. The more you practice this the more you will see and believe that you can achieve it.

Tap in to a time you felt confident

Remind yourself of a time that you felt proud or accomplished. Remember how you felt during this experience, and make sure you have a smile on your face while you are remembering. Calling up feelings from the past like this, where you have felt proud, grateful and accomplished, allows you to feel that you have already achieved. You have done it before and you can do it again! Use this strength to carry you forwards with big belief!

Identify your cheerleaders

Surround yourself with lovers not haters. You are your environment and you become the product of those you surround yourself with, and their ambitions, views and judgements.

Find people that believe in you, are better than you, and have done before what you want to do. They know that you can do it and will instil that belief in you.

I know for myself that I only need one person to tell me they believe in me, and I’m filled with that unstoppable feeling.

Who is that person for you?

Enjoy taking these 5 keys and put them in to action this week. Intention is great, but to see a real difference in your self belief you have to be consistent and do the work.

Article by Niyc Pidgeon. Check out Niyc’s website and Instagram here.

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