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Snacking gets a bad rep, like Tiffany from high school. Don’t let snacking be sneaking around and on the DL with less than decent foods like chips or bars. Practice smart snacking, with good quality, organic whole foods. It’s the perfect way to keep your energy levels and mood in check. Hunger turns #BOSSBABES into bossy bitches, and ain’t nobody got the patience for that!

Think of your old snacking habits like those more than risky Snapchat’s you’ve sent, they’re gone forever (or so we hope) and think of your new snacking habits as Instagram-show-the-world-worthy. Here are my top 5:

1. String Cheese

Cheese is bae. Anything with cheese automatically wins. However, too much of a good thing turns into a bad thing (just think about your last hottie that turned into a stage-5 clinger). String cheese takes the CEO title of snacks because it’s just 80 calories, super high in protein and offers just a bit of fat to keep your boss energy level at a maximum.

2. Apple & Almond Butter

Now this is my kind of AA meeting, apple almond meeting, that is. Crunchy, satisfying and with enough fiber to keep your tummy happy and feeling full, an apple with almond butter is one of my go-to snacks when the hangry bitch-fits start to kick in. Pink Ladies are my fav kind of apples, not as tart as Green and, let’s be honest, way cuter (would you rather date a Christian or an Angus; my point and case). Justin’s Original Almond Butter definitely is the winner in the almond butter category. It’s the best nut pack out there – Justin, call me.

3. Buff Tomatoes

High in protein, packed with antioxidants, totally filling and low in calories, fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese and ripe tomato slices turns your office into a Tuscan vacation. If this isn’t motivation to get your booty #werking towards your next trip, Google “hot Italian men” while you snack and that’ll get you goin’. Drizzle with a high-quality olive oil, and BAM welcome to Italy babes, well, almost.

4. Greek Yogurt

Probably my favorite thing in my refrigerator. Zero fat, ridiculous amount of protein and so versatile you can make just about anything out of it, or just eat it plain with berries or granola. Don’t mess around with those “light” yogurts; they’re full of fake sugars and chemicals. Greek yogurt is full of probiotics that’ll keep your tummy flat and happy. Get ready to #werk that ‘kini.

5. Hard-Boiled Egg

Tip: The fresher the egg, the more likely it’s a pain-in-the-ass to peel. The older the egg, the easier the shell peels off – you’re welcome. When you have a couple eggs left of your dozen, boil those up and buy new fresh eggs to cook with. Label the boiled ones on the shell with a “B” (for #BOSSBABE, duh) so you can grab a quick, high-protein, easy snack on your way out!

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