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Social media has been so broken down analytically by the marketing world  that often times, people find it difficult to use it for what it was made for, which was- socializing.

Duh. 🙂 

If your goal on social media is to convert sales, more than make connections, then you are in the wrong place.

Straight up!

Of course it’s possible to drive sales from social media.

There are entrepreneurs that rely on social media to create an income for them everyday. But, there are other important factors that I think advanced #BossBabe’s and Boss dudes do with their social media to keep the money rolling in.

1. Let People Know Who The Hell You Are

Your “Bio” or little “About Me” Section does wonders. It’s a way that people can figure you out in just a few words. It’s where potential followers and customers decide if keeping up with you will be something they do.

Key note: This isn’t the “Impress me” section. This is the “About me” section.

There is no need to lie or sell yourself in that small amount of space. You want to attract people who will find you valuable in their eyeball usage.

(Eyeball usage sounds silly, but it’s really what advertising is about. Think about it.)

So just tell people who you are. Melanie Duncan does this phenomenally as you can see in the example below.



She uses a simple “I” statement. She’s just telling people what she does. Not what she wants to do. Not what school she graduated from. Not her favorite color. But what she does. Find out the simplest way that you can break down what you do.

For example, let’s say you are a brand strategist. Which one of these “bios” are more grabbing?

1. “Jane Boss. Master Brand Strategist. Alum UCBB ’14”


2. “Hi! My name is Jane Boss. I show entrepreneurs in tech how to create impressive, profit-making business by teaching them my special branding techniques.”

I’m guessing you picked the second.

Here’s why.

In the second example, Jane starts off with saying “Hi!”

That’s nice. Isn’t it? Don’t underestimate niceness!

It’s inviting. Also, the explanation point is doing more than you realize.

She used an “I” statement and told people what she does. She identified her ideal client “entrepreneurs in tech”.

Boom. That’s her signal for, “If you ain’t a boss in tech-you don’t need to follow me.”

Some people get so afraid that the more specific they are, the more they “push people away”. But don’t neglect the confirmed fact that not only is it awesome that you are pushing uninterested customers away but you are attracting the exact customers who do!

Ahh… the beauty of social media!

2. Keep your links as same as possible and in one place

When people ask where to find you, the answer should be easy. The easier you are to find, the easier people will find you. It’s just that simple.

Use a short name or acronym that you can apply to all your social media. If I want to follow you on twitter as well as instagram, your username should be the same. Now, I know in all instances you can’t do this, but I invite you to get creative. You can use special keywords that will make you easy to find.

For example #Bossbabe is on instagram and @teambossbabe on twitter, but the good news is that the term “Bossbabe” is consistent and if you throw it in any search box- boom (another boom) you will find us.

Make your name/brand nice and searchable. Aim to have your brandname roll off the tongue.

3. Use the same colors and fonts

The great thing about consistency is that people can recognize you. Would McDonalds be the same if they changed their classic “M” every year?

Um no.

Use the same colors and same fonts. That allows people to not even think about who is speaking when they see it.

I mean come on, I can’t drink Champagne without thinking about Cara Alwill.

And whenever I hear about entrepreneurs who are into praying, I know to send them right over to Kachelle Kelly.

I’m  also not ashamed to admit that I know their brand’s colors! Why? Because they use them so consistently. They should be proud.

Make people get excited at seeing your colors and fonts. Make your image be a good sign for someone’s day!

4. Post at optimal times

This is a no brainer. Here’s a chart provided by that shows optimal showing times.



5. Like and follow people

Again, as I mentioned before. One of the best ways to gain social media traction by far is simply by doing your part in enjoying it.

Find accounts that inspire you.

Like things that you like.

Ask questions. Leave comments.

I dare you to be more involved in likes, comments and questions for seven days and see how much more involvement you have in your notifications. People love talking and being complimented. Don’t be ashamed to show love to things you love and start conversations where you believe conversations should be had.

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