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Honestly the past month Instagram has given me the creeps. I mean, I love Instagram and I have a great time on there but I’ve started to really break down what the concept of Instagram is and the significance it holds culturally.

1. It’s So Simple

Do you realize that the man who sold Instagram for 1 billion dollars to Zuckerburg sold a software that was just a simple photo sharing app? This simplicity is what I feel makes it so amazing. It’s just a simple stream of same sized, square photos in which you can edit using a set of filters. There’s people you follow, people who follow you, hashtags and it pretty much ends there.

Facebook has been dealing with a lot of “fatigue feedback”. People are so used to Facebook now and no longer stimulated by the content. One of the major reasons why I find this to be true is because Facebook is not only just old, but also more complex. Not only do you share photos, but you share written statuses, videos, links, games and other random shit. The internet user is becoming more and more picky about what they want to be exposed to everyday. That is where I feel Facebook fails. To me it’s not a pretty interface and I am not motivated to share anything since I know my very conservative Italian grandmother is by her computer watching her feed waiting to judge whatever I have to say. But, Facebook still wins because Facebook owns Instagram. Nice move Zuck.

2. I Find Myself Getting Depressed

Like I mentioned in my other post, if I’m not careful I’ll spend way too many hours on Instagram. Yes, freaking hours. Browsing from page to page and finding photos that I can literally feel are lowering my vibration.

I tried to unfollow everything that wasn’t positive or inspiring to me and can you believe that those people’s pictures are still showing up on my feed after I’ve unfollowed? It might take a few days or something for the unfollow to actually kick in but I just think that’s ridiculous.

3. 24/7 High School

I look at Instagram as a 24-7 highly active high school. There are the cool kids, sluts, jocks and definitely a lot of drama. When Chris brown went off on Karrueche didn’t it felt like he stood up in the cafeteria while everyone was eating lunch and announced it? I mean The energy felt like that. Don’t get me wrong, some of the drama is fun. But I mean is it productive? Is it making me a better person? See, these are questions I have to ask myself. Moving on…

4. The Showcases Of Desperation Are A Little Hard To Swallow

Some of the accounts and comments that I see people who are so desperate for followers or likes that it feels like that number to them determines whether or not they should kill themselves. Instagram , I’m sure boosts a lot of confidence for some people. I know it has for me! But with that, you will also get people who feel an amplified feeling of insignificance. This causes desperation and desperation is poverty. Me no likey.

5. Is This The New World And We Just Don’t Know It Yet?

It’s easy to dismiss all the followers and likes as not real but for some people they are extremely real. I mean, we know we control our reality. For some people they choose to have social media be their real world. Sort of like people who play hours and hours of video games. Maybe to you they are in a fake world, but to them it feels very real. In fact, they might think it’s your world that’s messed up.

The thing that’s different about Instagram is that more people are on there. So it’s potential for normalization is higher. You do realize that the concept of a Facebook profile was sort of strange a little less than ten years ago. Now you’re weird if you don’t have one. If having an Instagram and comparing your likes and followers to social status is totally normal now, what will be normal in ten years?

I love Instagram.

Don’t get me wrong. I do love Instagram. I just like to break down its placement in our world. I could go on and on about why I love it but I think it would be redundant. Wouldn’t you already know?

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