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Yo, Boss Babe, listen up! Ready to take it to another level?

If you want to be the best, you have to act like the best. Success is not always automatic. It can be cultivated through action, attitude, and habit – and I’ve compiled four major habits successful salespeople have that set them apart from others.

1. Fearless Attitude 

Fear is the biggest detractor ever. Fear keeps us from reaching for the stars, because we’re constantly afraid – of rejection, of failure, or ridicule from other people who think we can’t do it. But when you’re too scared to move, you can’t accomplish anything – and what you actually do accomplish can be stunted in potential.

Successful salespeople are empowered by fear. When fear prowls into their presence, they feel the fear and do it anyway. Scared to make 100 cold calls? They get the first ten out the way, celebrate their bravery, and keep going until they’ve reached their goal.

2. Honest, Confident Speech

We’re all guilty of peppering our vocabulary with phrases like “Uh,” “I don’t know,” “like,” and “I think.” Despite how commonplace these terms are, they infuse your speech with uncertainty, which is bad for business.

Successful salespeople know people easily tune others out, therefore they speak assertively so that others snap to attention, hear what they have to say, and receive their ideas clearly. Further, they’re willing to be honest, even when it might not be comfortable, because they’d rather walk with integrity than compromise their name, which holds great value as they progress through their career.

3. Great Energy

The statement “Positive vibes only” resonates strongly with successful salespeople. They’re great examples of personal energy management, blending positive thoughts with ambitious action and a love for competition (with themselves of course). Further, they’re deeply appreciative of their lives and challenges, because they know there’s growth in every setback and a delicious feeling attached to every well-earned accomplishment.

4. They Look Like Winners

Successful salespeople look, dress, and behave the part of success. Looks aren’t everything, but image matters. A salesperson on top of their game keeps their wardrobe, hair, and makeup groomed. They’re not afraid to invest in their health and hygiene, keeping a warm, beautiful smile on deck to flatter people.

But again, it’s not just clothes that make the woman. Great salespeople are composed. They monitor their emotions, keeping themselves aware of their current state, and curbing their reactions so they’re responsive and not reactive. Maintaining a high level of positivity and graceful composure, especially during times of stress, helps them exude a coolness that’s magnetic, reassuring, and leads to more sales from customers attracted to their professional, secure demeanor.

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